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Cycling days

Cycling in times of the coronavirus

Last updated August 5th 2020

Thank you very much for choosing a holiday by bike, a great way to discover the Netherlands.
Of course we already knew cycling is healthy, but now experts are saying cycling can even protect you from coronavirus. You automatically keep your distance from other people and strengthens the lungs. 

In times of corona things may go a little differently than you are used to during your holiday. We ask for your understanding. 

Please consider the following points of attention:

- Keep 1.5 meters apart from one another, also on the bicycle.An exception is made for persons who belong to the same household.

Bicycles are allowed on the train (NS trains) in the Netherlands, but need to be reserved in advance through the website or NS app:
Bicycles on international trains are not (yet) allowed.

- Face masks are mandatory in public transport, including ferries. A scarf does not count as a facemask. We advise you to take some face masks with you from home. 
In Belgium, face masks are also mandatory in all public area's where many people gather, such as shops, restaurants, cinemas and museums. This can also be on markets and busy shopping streets.
In some locations in the Netherlands masks are also mandatory in busy shopping streets or area's. 

- If you are staying longer than 48 hours in Belgium or returning to Belgium after a holiday elsewhere, you need to fill in a Public Health Passenger Locator Form in the 48 hours before your arrival. 

- In most buses it is no longer possible to buy a ticket from the bus driver. You need to ‘check in’ and  ‘check out’ with a public transport pass (‘OV-chipkaart’), which is suitable for trains, busses and metro’s. An anonymous transport pass can be bought at vending machines at stations, some supermarkets and some book shops (Bruna or Primera). 

- Please note that not all public toilets are currently accessible.

- Restaurants and cafes are only accessible with a reservation in advance (with the exception of outdoor cafes). We recommend that you book your trip with half board in advance whenever possible, so that you are guaranteed a table for dinner. A time slot may apply for your dinner as early as 5 pm. We do not know this in advance. Please be at the hotel before 5 pm.

- Many hotels offer packed lunches for on the road. If you would like to make use of this, ask about the possibilities at the hotel when checking in.

- Attractions and museums are also only accessible with a reservation in advance. If you want to visit an attraction and/or museum, we recommend booking a ticket online in advance. Opening hours may differ from the standard opening hours as mentioned in the travel documents.

- Ferry services may have a different timetable than stated in our travel documents, especially in June and the fall. Some small ferries do not run at all. Keep this in mind and please check the current timetable on the internet if necessary.
The Leeuweveerke ferry in the Biesbosch park does not run this season. Please follow the alternative route in the route directions.  

A Teso boat ticket for Texel island must be purchased online in advance. It is not possible to buy a ticket on the spot with cash.
A ticket for the boat Enkhuizen to Stavoren also needs to be bought in advance: 

- Fines for violations corona measures are high (€ 390 per person).

- In restaurants and cafés, everyone should keep 1.5 meter distance from each other (the exception to this is people who form one household and pairs. From three people and more this rule will be enforced, which is why pairs that do not form one household can also be within 1.5 meters of each other.)

- Most hotels will not offer a buffet breakfast, but serve the breakfast at your table or on your room. You may be asked to eat breakfast at a pre-arranged time to avoid big crowds in the breakfast room. These rules will differ per hotel and the hotel can inform you about their rules at check-in. 

- At ferry crossing Doeksen (for the crossing to Terschelling & Vlieland islands) face masks are mandatory in all ferry terminals, on all terrains of the ferry company and on board the ferry.

- Some hotels will not clean your room during your stay. If you are staying at one hotel for several nights and need something like towels, soap, shower gel, coffee or tea, you can indicate this at reception so that it can be arranged for you.

Changes in the above points may arise in connection with new requirements and regulations imposed by governments, or with new insights. We try to keep this information as current as possible, but are not responsible for incorrect information.

We hope that this list of points does not put you off. The measures have been taken for your safety. We are positive that you can still enjoy a carefree holiday by bike in our beautiful country, but we think it is important that you are aware of the current measures to avoid any disappointments.

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