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Cycling from Rotterdam
Cycling from Rotterdam
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Cycling from Rotterdam
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Cycling from Rotterdam


Bike Tour: Cycling from Rotterdam - 6 days

Rotterdam is a great base for a bike holiday. The port city is lively and exciting with a modern skyline. In contrast, the peaceful towns and villages that you will visit have retained much of the quaint charm and Olde Dutch building styles our cyclists love so well. Architecture aficionados may particularly enjoy this holiday as Rotterdam is a potpourri of architectural endeavours and work is underway on even higher and more spectacular skyscrapers. 

If you want to cycle on the arrival and / or departure day, please request extra days of bicycle rental through the remarks field in the booking form. 

Day 1: Arrival Rotterdam
Day 2: Round tour to Delft
Day 3: Round tour to Gouda
Day 4: Round tour to Kinderdijk and Dordrecht
Day 5: Round tour to Brielle and Maasvlakte
Day 6: Departure

Day 1:    Arrival Rotterdam

We will provide you with a total of four bicycle routes to choose from: 
Round tour to Delft, Vlaardingen and Schiedam
Round tour to Gouda and Rotte Meren lakes
Round tour to Kinderdijk and Dordrecht (opt to catch a water taxi, ticket not included, for part of the route)
Round tour to Brielle, Maassluis, Maasvlakte/ships

Day 2:    Round tour to Delft
53 km

Most of Rotterdam was flattened by WWII bombings therefore much of what you see here is post-1945. The city never looked back, always striving for newer, bigger, better. The borough of Delfshaven escaped destruction as you will see when you pass through: The harbour area shows respectable age and is a picture of industrious small-town charm. Follow the River Schie out of the city and cycle through a rural landscape to the town of Delft. The university town has a beautiful historical centre with picturesque canals, squares and quaint houses. Tourists love traditional “Delft Blue” ceramics and here is where you can find out how it is manufactured.  Continuing on an artistic note: Johannes Vermeer fans will want to visit the Vermeer Centre to brush up on their knowledge of the artist’s life (1632-1675, Delft) and painting techniques. Reproductions of all his works complete the picture. Finally, if you’re not claustrophobic or scared of heights, climb the steps of the Nieuwe Kerk church tower and enjoy the view from the top. Inside the church is a mausoleum for William the Silent, founding father of the House of Orange, our royal family. Your journey back to Rotterdam takes you through jenever-town Schiedam, known for its five “tallest traditional windmills in the world”.

Day 3:    Round tour to Gouda
60 km

From the hotel, cross the Erasmus Bridge and follow the rivers Maas and Hollandsche IJssel inland. Enter the peatland polders of the Green Heart of the Randstad conurbation. We call the Green Heart a cultural landscape because it is manmade countryside, stilled in time, testifying to many centuries of farmers working in wet and difficult conditions.  The highlight of the day is cheese-town Gouda and what an enchanting place this is! Yes, this is where farmers took their cheeses on market day to be weighed and sold at the cheese market in front of the Weighing Hall. To witness all the action, plan your trip so you go to Gouda on a Thursday, market day (April thru August, in the morning!). Furthermore, don’t miss the 15th-century fairy-tale Town Hall with red shutters; and the 16th -century stained-glass windows in the Great Church of St. John.  On your return to Rotterdam, enjoy more relaxing countryside as well as the lakes at Rottemeren recreational area, great for easy canoeing.

Day 4:    Round tour to Kinderdijk and Dordrecht
22 km

What better way to see the city from a boat! Today you take the water bus (ticket not included) to Dordrecht. Your bike can of course be taken on board. Wonderfully quiet right through Rotterdam and then disembark at Krimpen aan de IJssel. Through the meadows to the next ferry that you take over the Lek to the 17-gang windmill of Kinderdijk. Then further south where again a ferry will take you to our former capital Dordrecht. You can also choose a 18 km longer route via National Park de Hollandse Biesbosch. This nature reserve, rich in rivers, streams, lakes and islands, is not just an area. Indeed, it is one of Europe's few freshwater tidal areas with ebb and flow.

From Dordrecht you have the option: back by water bus, by train or by bike (22 km extra). Depending on the extent to which you use the water bus, you can cycle between 22 km and 67 km.

Day 5:    Round tour to Brielle and Maasvlakte
78 km

Today you have already arrived for the last round trip. You are going south in the direction of Rotterdam. You cycle through the port area to the old fortified town of Brielle. The route takes you back to Rotterdam via Maassluis / Vlaardingen.

Day 6:    Departure

After breakfast this package holiday comes to an end. If you have some hours left in Rotterdam before you head off home, the delectable market hall (2014) is not to be missed! Equally pleasing to the eye is the City Hall, built exactly 100 years previously in 1914. The new railway station is quite striking and also opened in 2014. Rotterdam boast dozens of excellent museums.


Starting dates:
Daily from April 1 till September 24.

Price pp
Double room, breakfast 404.00
Single room, breakfast 654.00
Dinner 225.00
Rental bike
Child bike 50.00
Hybrid 60.00
E-bike 125.00
Extra services
Bike Breakdown pass € 3.50 x 5 17.50
Child seat € 5.00 x 5 25.00
Bike theft insurance € 3.00 x 5 15.00
E-bike theft insurance € 6.00 x 5 30.00
Tag-along bike € 6.00 x 5 30.00
Child trailer € 17.50 x 5 87.50
Bike helmet per piece 10.00
SGR per piece 5.00

Starting point:


The hotels on this trip have been carefully selected for their location, atmosphere and/or unique services. All rooms are en-suite. A list of the hotels we work with appears below. If a certain hotel is unable to confirm due to lack of availability, we will try to request a comparable alternative if possible. 

Hotel New York **** (Rotterdam)

If you don’t bring your own bike, you can rent one from us. Our touring bikes are 24-speed gear. You can find all the information regarding our rental bikes below.

You will find your rental bike waiting for you at your first hotel. The hotel reception staff will give you the keys for your bikes and direct you to the bicycle shed. All bikes are provided with chain locks. 

Why the Dutch don't wear helmets! 

Instruction video hybrid bike and e-bike



A standard hybrid bike is €13,00 a day.

Our hybrid bikes have 24-gears with hand brakes. 
The hybrid bikes are circa 16,5 KG.

Rental bike

An electric bike is €27,00 a day.

The e-bikes have a small electric engine and battery, which can be charged at the hotels. You still have to pedal: it just makes pedaling much easier. Some experience with e-bikes is recommended, as the bikes accelerate faster and are heavier than regular bikes because of the electric engine. The weight of the e-bike is ca. 25 KG.


A child’s bike is € 10,00 a day.

For children who are at least 125 cm, we can also arrange bikes (these are 24”or 26” for children that are bigger than 140 cm). 
The child bikes come with at least 7-gears and hand brakes. 
The maximum body height for a child’s bike is 155 cm. 

24" child bike:

26" child bike:
Child bike 26 inch


All our rental bikes come with a bell.


All our adult bikes come with hand brakes. 


For children up to 30 months old (max. 15 KG) it is possible to rent a front child seat. This is not possible with e-bikes, due to the display.

For children older than 30 months (max. 22KG) it is possible to rent a rear child seat. This is also possible with e-bikes.

Both front- and rear child seats are €5,- per day.  


It is possible to rent a GPS device when you start your tour in Amsterdam, Bruges, Utrecht, Huizen or Bunnik for €20,-. 


Helmets are not mandatory in the Netherlands, but can be rented for €10,- per piece.
Available sizes: Adult: 54-61 cm, Child: 50-55 cm. 


All our bikes come with both front- and rear lights. You need to push the button on the lamp and it will flash three times. This means that the lights will automatically start working when it gets dark. 

When you push again, the lamp will flash one time and the lights will be turned off.


Our bikes come with a defender lock with plug in chain (cable lock that is attached to the regular lock, see picture).

You need to turn the key a bit, take out the pin from the cable lock and attach it to a pole/other bike/fence etc.

When you push the pin back into the regular lock, you need to lock the regular lock as you always do, and both locks will be secured.


1 pannier is included at the 'standard' bikes and the e-bikes.

Height: 42 cm
Depth front to the side: 17 cm
Wide top: 32 cm
Wide down: 23 cm
Volume: 20 liters
It has an easy click-on/click-off system. The panniers are water resistant, so everything will stay dry.


The rental bikes come with regular pedals, so no click-in/SPD pedals. 


All our bikes come with a quick release system, which makes it very easy to adjust the height of the saddle and the handle bars. 


There is one small puncture kit included, which can be found in the pannier. In case a rental bike has another problem, we always advise you to go to a bike repair shop or call the bike breakdown emergency number which is provided in the travel documents when you book this extra service.


Saddles can be adjusted in height without using any tools, see ‘Quick Release’.
Our saddles don’t come with a gel cover. 


Dutch Biketours does not provide water bottles. We can also not guarantee that there are bottle holders on the bikes. You will always receive 1x pannier, so you can always store your water bottle in your pannier.

A Tandem bike is € 20,00 a day.

We have a limited amount of tandem bikes available on request.
Tandem bikes are suitable for two adults only.
The tandem bikes have a frame size of 48 cm.
We mostly use the Victoria Spezial 8.7.
This tandem bike comes with 24-derailleur gears or nuvinci gears.
The height of the handle bars on a tandem bike cannot be adjusted.

A family tandem is €20,00 a day.

We have limited family tandem bikes available on request.
The family tandems have 7-gears and can be used for one adult and one child with a minimum body height of 125 cm.


A Tag-along bike is €6,00 a day.

A tag-along bike is a good option for children between approx. 100 cm and 125 cm, as they can pedal themselves and on their own pace but don’t have to worry about other traffic.


A child trailer is €17,50 a day.

Child trailers can be rented for a maximum of two children who are up to 100 cm (max. 35 KG in total).
We mostly use the XLC Duo 2 child trailer.
Child trailers are not possible in combination with e-bikes.  

Mile after wonderful mile of untroubled cycling is what we would wish our clients. However there is a minimal chance of breakdown along the way. If this thought is a nagging worry to you, a Bicycle Breakdown Assistance insurance policy may ease your mind. If you buy this insurance from our partner FietsNED in advance, their service is as follows. If your bike breaks down by the roadside a FietsNED bicycle repair man will drive to you in his repair van and fix your bike so you can continue your tour.You won’t have to pay him repair costs. If you are cycling on your own bicycle you will be charged for any new spare parts your bike may require. If you are renting a bicycle through Dutch Bike Tours any new parts are at our expense. If it turns out the bicycle cannot be repaired on the spot, or if you don’t wish to continue cycling, the repairman can drop you off somewhere in his van. One companion plus bikes may join you in the van.

The Bike Breakdown Pass is €3,- per day per bike and can only be booked for every participant in a booking. 


Do you wish to insure your bike against theft? The cost is € 3,- per day per standard hybrid bicycle.
For an electric bicycle, premium bike or racing bike: € 6,00 per day per bicycle.
Please see the General Terms and Conditions for Bicycle Hire and Insurance. 

If a rental bike gets stolen or damaged, we will hold the client responsible.
If your insurance does not cover this event, you will have to pay the costs yourself.

Article 1 Bike Rental Price

The bike rental price is determined by the rates mentioned on the Dutch Bike Tours website at the time of the booking; or as subsequently agreed.

Article 2 Payment

a. The rental price and any other due sums regarding the rental agreement must be paid before the bike is handed over to you.

b. If, for whatever reason, you cannot make use of the bike(s) you have rented, Dutch Bike Tours will not be held responsible for any resulting expenses or damage.

c. In the case of the article 2b, the client remains obliged to pay the full rental price and any other amounts mentioned in the invoice, in accordance with our General Terms and Conditions of Booking, unless the client can prove that his not being able to use the bike was the consequence of a defect that was already present at the beginning of the rental period.

Article 3 Rental Period

a. The rental period runs from the morning of the first cycling day (day 2) to the end of the holiday (the departure day), as stated in the booking confirmation.

b. Extension of the rental period is possible only after approval by us and according to the (extension) rates as mentioned in article 1.

c. No refunds are possible after the rental period begins. If you return the bike(s) to us before the end of your holiday, the rental agreement will automatically be terminated and you will not get any of your money back.

d. At the end of the last cycling day of your holiday, the bike(s) must be returned to the hotel from where it was/they were issued, no later than the time stated in the booking confirmation.
If you book a one way tour tour you can leave the bike at the last hotel of the trip. 

e. If the bike(s) is /are not returned by the return time stated in the booking confirmation, we will continue to charge you rent until such time as the bike(s) is/are returned to us or is/are received by us. In the event of late return, the rates as mentioned in article 1 will continue to apply, plus a fine of €25 per day. We also reserve the right to demand payment for any costs and/or damages suffered by us due to late return of our rental bike(s).

f. Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, in the event of late return of our rental bikes, we reserve the right to dissolve the rental agreement without judicial intervention and immediately claim back our bicycles where ever they may be and from whomever has them. Dutch Bike Tours also holds this right in the event that the client does not comply with any of the other conditions stated in this rental agreement.

Article 4 Improper Use

a. The bicycle(s) may only be used for its/their intended purpose and only by the cyclists listed in the rental agreement.

b. The bike(s) must be returned to us in the same (clean!) state in which you received it/them.

c. You must take excellent care of the bicycle(s), as if it/they were your own. You must take every precaution against damage, loss or theft.

d. The bicycle may not be used on the beach; or on sandy paths in the dunes unless a paved path is unavailable.

Article 5 Damage, Loss and Theft

The renter will be held responsible for damages to or loss of the bicycle(s) or parts of it, as well as bicycle keys and chains and locks, for such an amount as is determined by us according to standard market prices. You must understand that you are not insured for damage to the bicycle(s) or for any damages to third parties.

Article 6 Theft Insurance

It is possible to purchase Bicycle Theft Insurance. Covered are: damages arising out of the theft of the bicycle; and damages to the bicycle as a consequence of the theft. Not covered are: theft of bicycle parts; and damages arising out of attempted theft.

Article 7 Theft Insurance Premium

a. The premium for Bicycle Theft Insurance is € 3,00 per day per standard hybrid bicycle. For an electric bicycle € 6,00 per day as well for a Premium bike and racing bike.

The number of insurance days is the same as the number of cycling days as stated in our booking confirmation.

Article 8 Liability in the Event of Theft

a. If you did not purchase Bicycle Theft Insurance from us before the start of the holiday, you will be held fully accountable for the sum determined by us according to standard prices.

b. If you did purchase Bicycle Theft Insurance from us, but you failed to lock the wheel lock and failed to produce the original wheel lock key and failed to produce an official theft report drawn up by the police, you will still be held fully accountable for the sum determined by us according to standard prices.

Article 9 Costs During the Rental Period

Any charges and taxes regarding the rental bicycle(s), such as fines and ferry tickets, are to be paid by you. You will also be required to pay all costs ensuing from the use of the bicycle(s) such as parking fees, maintenance and repairs.


Practical info

5 nights included

4 star hotel

Tourist tax included

Breakfast included, halfboard optional

Detailed roadbooks with maps and tourist information

The possibility of renting our bikes

7-days a week service-hotline

Rotterdam Centraal

Parking possibilities at the hotel

GPS-tracks available

Any ferry crossings are not included

Arrival info

Nearest Airport are Rotterdam The Hague Airport (RTM) or Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS)

From Rotterdam The Hague Airport you should take the bus and metro to reach the hotel. For timetables and tickets: www.9292.nl/en. The train from Schiphol to Rotterdam departs 4 times per hour. Travel time is about 2 hours. A single ticket costs approx €15,- per person excl. bicycle. 

For timetables and tickets, go to www.ns.nl/en. From Rotterdam trainstation you should take a metro and bus to reach the hotel. For metro and bus details, how to reach the hotel, check: www.9292ov.nl/en.



...The best way to experience the Dutch countryside. We absolutely loved the trip. We will return... 


...The Hotel New York was excellent and let us store the bikes indoors where we felt they were very safe. The countryside was very scenic and we enjoyed Delft, Gouda and Dordrecht. We never went to Hoek van Holland due to weather but were able to spend a lovely day in Rotterdam... 


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