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Holland: Frisian Sea
Holland: Frisian Sea
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8 days
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IJsselmeer Culture Island Seacoast Nature
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Holland: Frisian Sea
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Holland: Frisian Sea


Bike Tour: Holland: Frisian Sea - 8 days

Sail and bike tours are something very special. Feel the freedom, the wind and salt on your skin! It’s a little bit like discovering the seas and new areas as a modern-day explorer.

Aboard one of the most comfortable sailing ships, the Leafde fan Fryslân, the Mare fan Fryslân, and the Wapen fan Fryslân, you will experience pure nature while enjoying water, sun and a stiff breeze on the big inland lake IJsselmeer and the so-called “Wadden Sea”, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage biosphere reserve. During this Sail & Bike tour you can explore the beautiful and unique Frisian Sea and some of its islands.

It is a world with two faces, where sand and water dominate during the changeover from low to high tide and where islands of all sizes line up like pearls on a chain. There are tidal channels, seagrass meadows, mussel beds, sandbanks, mudflats, salt marshes, beaches and dunes. The Frisian Sea is the habitat of marine mammals, such as seals and porpoises, and the breeding ground and wintering area for millions of birds.

Day 1: (Sat): Embarkation: Enkhuizen
Day 2: (Sun): Enkhuizen – Medemblik – Den Oever - Texel
Day 3: (Mon): Texel | roundtrip Texel from/to Oudeschild
Day 4: (Tue): Texel – Terschelling (sailing about 5 to 6 hrs)
Day 5: (Wed): Terschelling: discover the island by bike - sailing to Harlingen
Day 6: (Thu): Harlingen – Franeker – Makkum
Day 7: (Fri) Makkum – Stavoren | sailing to Enkhuizen
Day 8: (Sat): Enkhuizen

Day 1:    (Sat): Embarkation: Enkhuizen

Embarkation and check-in where the crew will welcome you on board is from 2 p.m. near the beautiful center of Enkhuizen and close to the railway station. After unpacking your luggage the skipper will join you for an aperitif before giving you a rundown of what to expect on the journey, details about the ship and also about safety measures to be taken on board. In the evening take a stroll through the historical center of Enkhuizen, a quaint town that was the home of the Dutch merchant fleet during the Golden Age of The Netherlands. Enjoy your first night on board in Enkhuizen on the western bank of the lake IJsselmeer.

Day 2:    (Sun): Enkhuizen – Medemblik – Den Oever - Texel
24 km

Today you can cycle the first leg of the trip along the IJsselmeer coast through the beautiful polder landscape to Medemblik.  After the cycling tour the ship will sail further to Den Oever. Depending on the weather in the evening the ship will take the lock and sail across the Wadden Sea (part of the North Sea) to the island of Texel.
(24 km / 14 mi. or 37 km / 22 mi.)

Day 3:    (Mon): Texel | roundtrip Texel from/to Oudeschild
40 km

The island of Texel is a cyclist’s dream destination with its varied scenery, well signposted cycle tracks and picturesque villages. Our suggestion is to complete a round trip cycling tour of the largest of the Dutch North Sea islands that takes you via a number of villages, the seal sanctuary station “Ecomare” and a traditional beer brewery near the harbor of Oudeschild.
(40 km / 24 mi. or 46 km / 28 mi.)

Day 4:    (Tue): Texel – Terschelling (sailing about 5 to 6 hrs)

Today you will enjoy sailing on your ship, when the tide and the weather are right, to the island of Terschelling. As you sail your way through the sandbanks of the Wadden Sea, keep a lookout for seals on the sandbars. In the afternoon the ship will arrive on Terschelling island, which features a number of picturesque villages situated between the polder and sand dunes along its 30 km expanse. While sailing you will enjoy an extensive lunch on board. No dinner will be served tonight, to enable you to explore the island, but you can make yourself a picnic meal or try one of the nice restaurants at Terschelling (not incl.).

Day 5:    (Wed): Terschelling: discover the island by bike - sailing to Harlingen

While the previous day was all about sailing, today is all about cycling. Terschelling has plenty to offer cycle tourists: nature and culture, 70 km of cycling tracks and 4 beautiful villages. West Terschelling is the largest village on the island and features a number of nice shops and pubs. The standout landmark on the island is the 400 year-old lighthouse “Brandaris” that can be seen from well off in the distance. Also worth visiting is the heath land of “Boschplaat” which will captivate you with its mud, beaches and dunes. You might even spot ducks, black-winged stilts, large colonies of spoonbills and great black-backed gulls. After a day of cycling, you can relax in comfort once you have arrived on board. In the late afternoon the ship will cross the Wadden Sea sail to Harlingen, the most important harbor city of the province of Friesland.
(Roundtrip Terschelling, cycling distance of your choice)

Day 6:    (Thu): Harlingen – Franeker – Makkum
48 km

Via Franeker, with the famous planetarium of Eise Eisinga, you cycle through the beautiful wide Frisian countryside along several rural villages to the small harbor of Makkum on the eastern bank of the lake IJsselmeer. If you take the long cycling trip, you will also visit Bolsward, one of the Eleven Frisian Cities.
(ca. 48 km / 29 mi. or 58 km / 36 mi.)

Day 7:    (Fri) Makkum – Stavoren | sailing to Enkhuizen
32 km

From Makkum you will cycle to Stavoren. The short tour leads you via the old trading town of Hindeloopen. This local art of painting – a type of traditional decorative painting – is quite famous. Apart from this you’ll find the First Frisian Museum of Ice Skating in Hindeloopen. The long tour runs along several Frisian lakes and shows you a different type of landscape. From Stavoren the ship will set sail to cross the IJsselmeer to Enkhuizen in the late afternoon.
(ca. 32 km / 19 mi. or 49 km / 30 mi.)

Day 8:    (Sat): Enkhuizen

End of your tour: Disembarkation after breakfast until 9.30 a.m.

Mare fan Fryslan

Lower Deck

Lower Deck

Twin Main Deck
Single use

Junior Suite
Lower Deck

Lower Deck

Price per person €  Euro  Euro Euro   Euro   Euro
Saturday 02-05-2020 899,00 1049,00 1348,50 1049,00 899,00
Saturday 16-05-2020 999,00 1299,00 1498,50   999,00
Saturday 13-06-2020 999,00 1299,00 1498,50 1189,00 999,00
Saturday 04-07-2020 999,00 1299,00 1498,50   999,00
Saturday 11-07-2020 999,00   1498,50 1189,00 999.00
Saturday 18-07-2020 999,00 1299,00 1498,50   999,00
Saturday 25-07-2020 999,00 1299,00 1498,50 1119.00 999,00
Saturday 15-08-2020 929,00 1179,00   1119.00 829.00
Saturday 22-08-2020 929,00 1179,00   1119.00 829.00
Saturday 29-08-2020 929,00 1179,00   1119.00 829.00
Saturday 05-09-2020 929,00 1179,00   1119.00 829.00
Saturday 12-09-2020          
Saturday 19-09-2020          


Wapen fan Fryslan Twin
Lower Deck
Lower Deck
Lower Deck
Price per person €  Euro  Euro  Euro
Saturday 02-05-2020 899.00   899.00
Saturday 09-05-2020 899,00 1169,00 899,00
Saturday 16-05-2020 999.00 1299,00 999,00
Saturday 23-05-2020 999,00   999,00
Saturday 30-05-2020 999,00 1299,00 999,00
Saturday 06-06-2020 999,00 1299,00 999,00
Saturday 13-06-2020 999,00 1299,00 999,00
Saturday 20-06-2020 999,00 1299,00 999,00
Saturday 27-06-2020 999,00 1299,00 999,00
Saturday 29-08-2020 929.00 1179,00 829,00
Saturday 05-09-2020 929.00 1179,00 829,00


Leafde fan Fryslan Small Twin
Lower Deck
Lower Deck
Main Deck
Single Use
Lower Deck
Lower Deck
Junior Suite
Lower Deck
Price per person € Euro  Euro Euro Euro Euro Euro
Saturday 27-06-2020   999,00     999,00 1189,00
Saturday 04-07-2020 799,00 999,00 1498,50  



Saturday 11-07-2020 799,00 999,00 1498,50 1299,00 999,00 1189,00
Saturday 18-07-2020 799,00 999.00 1498,50 1299,00 999,00 1189,00
Saturday 25-07-2020 799,00 999.00  1498,50  1299,00 999,00  1189,00
Saturday 01-08-2020   929.00     829,00  
Saturday 15-08-2020   929.00     829,00  
Saturday 22-08-2020   929.00     829,00  
Saturday 29-08-2020   929.00     829,00  
Saturday 05-09-2020   929.00     829,00  
Saturday 12-09-2020   929.00     829,00  
Saturday 19-09-2020   799.00     699,00  
Saturday 26-09-2020            

During these Frisian Sea tours you will travel – depending on the departure date – on board one of the three largest and most luxurious sailing ships on the IJsselmeer, the beautiful three-masted schooner Mare fan Fryslân (max. 27-40 guests), her sister ship the two-masted schooner Wapen fan Fryslân (max. 24-36 guests) or the imposing three-masted barquentine Leafde fan Fryslân (max. 25-27guests).

Ship Mare fan Fryslân
The sailing ship Mare fan Fryslân was built in 1960 as a freight ship. It was completely renovated in 2006 and since 2007 it has been used as a very comfortable, beautiful, almost extravagant, three-mast schooner on Dutch waters. The sail can be operated either by hand or electrically. The Mare fan Fryslân is owned by Joris and Rinske de Wit, who also own and operate the sailing vessel Leafde fan Fryslân. 

Description of the cabins:
On the lower deck there are fourteen comfortable cabins. Twelve twin cabins (9 m² – 97 sq.ft. ) with two single beds which can be set together, one junior suite (11 m² – 118 sq.ft.) with two single beds which can be set together and a small sitting area with flat screen TV and one single cabin (6 m² – 65 sq.ft.). In all the two-bed cabins a Pullman bed/fold-down bed can be arranged. Each cabin has an en-suite bathroom with shower, toilet and basin. All cabins have ventilation, central heating and portholes that can be opened. Furthermore, each cabin has a mini safe and a hairdryer.

Description of the ship:
On the lower deck, the Mare van Fryslân offers a cozy lounge/restaurant area with wooden paneling and air conditioning and a nice and warm atmosphere. From here you can reach the wheelhouse on the upper deck, fitted with a large seating area, a well-equipped bar, music & video equipment and TV. The large, panoramic windows offer a breathtaking view over the water. Wi-Fi is available. The wooden upper deck offers adequate seating, the steering unit, space for the bicycles, an outdoors bar with a draught beer tap and a grill, and even a Jacuzzi. When the weather is nice you can relax here or enjoy the scenery while sailing.

Facts about the ship:
Length:           54 m (177 ft.)
Width:            7.2 m (24 ft.)
Sail surface:    650 m² (6996 sq.ft.)
Crew:             4
Cabins:          14
Pass.:             27 – 40 (max.)

Ship Wapen fan Fryslân
With its 55 metres of length, the Wapen fan Fryslân is the largest two-master schooner on the Dutch waterways. In 1965 the sailing ship was launched as a cargo ship, transporting all kinds of freight throughout the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. In 2003 the ship was completely transformed into a sailing passenger ship. On board of this marvellous ship you will immediately notice its warm and luxurious atmosphere. The Wapen fan Fryslân is owned and operated by Erik van Aken.

Description of the cabins:
On the lower deck, the Wapen fan Fryslân has twelve identical twin cabins (8,5 m² – 91 sq.ft.), each with two separate single beds which can be set together and a  folding bed as a third bed which can be used if needed. In each cabin there is a bathroom with shower, toilet and basin. All cabins have ventilation, central heating and two portholes of which one can be opened. Furthermore, you will find a mini safe in each cabin.

Description of the ship:
On the lower deck the Wapen van Fryslân offers a large lounge/restaurant with TV, which is characterized by its luxurious appearance and flexible furnishing. From here you can reach the large wheelhouse with a cosy and stylish bar and seating area. The panoramic windows offer a perfect all around view of the water. Wi-Fi is available. The afterdeck has an outdoor cafe with draught beer tap and a Jacuzzi and on the middle deck there are various sitting areas and there is room to enjoy a lovely meal outdoors to watch the scenery while sailing.

Facts about the ship:
Length:            55 m (180 ft.)
Width:             7,2 m (24 ft.)
Sail surface:     550 m²- 5920 sq.ft.
Crew:              4
Cabins:            12
Pass.:               24 – 36 (max.) 

The sailing ship Leafde fan Fryslân, an imposing, three-mast barquentine, made its maiden voyage for Sail & Bike tours in spring 2018 and is managed by its owner-operators, Joris and Rinske de Wit. For many years, they have run the sailing ship Mare fan Fryslân. The interior of this luxury ship can best be described as refined.

Description of the cabins:
On the lower deck, the Leafde fan Fryslân has thirteen well-appointed cabins. Ten twin cabins (10 m² – 107 sq.ft.) and one smaller twin cabin (9 m² – 96.8 sq.ft.), with two single beds, which can be set together in most cabins, one junior suite (12 m² – 129 sq.ft.) with two single beds, which can be set together and a small sitting area and one single cabin (7 m² – 75 sq.ft.). Some of the twin cabins can be booked as a three-bed cabin (the third bed as bunk). Each cabin has an en-suite bathroom with shower, toilet and basin. All cabins have ventilation and heating, portholes and a hatch that can be opened (except for the single cabin, in this cabin the window can’t be opened). Furthermore, in each cabin you will find a hairdryer and a mini safe.

Description of the ship:
On the lower deck you will find the restaurant in nautical style, where the carefully prepared sumptuous meals are served. In the wheelhouse on the upper deck, the Leafde fan Fryslân offers a cosy lounge which is equipped with large panoramic windows, a well-appointed seating area , TV and a well equipped bar. Wi-Fi is available. The best views over the water are available here and on the deck, where you can also have a seat when the weather is nice.

Facts about the ship:
Length:        48 m (158 ft.)
Width:          7.2 m (24 ft.)
Sail surface:  760 m² – 2494 sq.ft.
Crew:           4
Cabins:        13
Pass.:           25 – 27 (max.)

practical info

Important observations for the Sail & Bike program:
A little bit of adventure is a part of every Sail & Bike tour: the departure and arrival day and the location – Enkhuizen – are a certainty, 100%. For the rest, the planned daily sailing routes are partially dependent on the strength and direction of the winds and – on the Wadden Sea – high and low tide. The skipper decides the best route to be taken day by day, and discusses the options with his guests. The crew does everything in its power to enable the program to run according to plan and to offer you as fascinating, varied and active a week as possible, in which nature and culture play a major part. It is, however, also possible that departure times and the time spent on the water – and even the order of the program itself – may be adjusted. Enjoy the ride and let yourself be led by the elements! Whenever possible, various passages will be undertaken fully rigged and anyone who would like to help the crew to sail and steer the boat is welcome to do so. This is of course absolutely up to you and no sailing experience is necessary.


  • 8 days/7 nights
  • 7 x breakfast
  • 5 x packed lunches & 1 x lunch on board
  • 6 x 3-course dinner on board & 1 x packed dinner
  • Coffee and tea on board till 4 p.m.
  • Welcome drink
  • Use of bed linen and towels
  • Daily cleaning of the cabin
  • Daily briefings by the crew
  • Maps and notes for cycling tours (1 set per cabin)
  • GPS tracks
  • Use of a waterproof pannier bag
  • Wi-Fi


  • Drinks
  • Coffee and tea on board after 4 p.m.
  • Bicycle rental or E-bike rental
  • Helmet rental
  • Personal insurances
  • Gratuities (at your discretion)
  • Entrance fees and excursions
  • Fees for ferries
  • Transfers to/from the docking place
  • Parking fees

Rental bicycle: € 80 per week
Rental E-Bike: € 180 per week (only on request, limited number available)
Helmets: A helmet can be rented for € 10 per week, only on prior reservation and payment.
Parking Enkhuizen: Parking behind the NS-train station in Enkhuizen is free, but can be very crowded.

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