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Amsterdam – Bruges
Amsterdam – Bruges
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8 days
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Amsterdam – Bruges
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Amsterdam – Bruges


Bike Tour: Amsterdam – Bruges - 8 days

A supreme cycling tour from the Netherlands down into Belgium, gliding past historic towns, villages and canals – all on high-quality bike paths! Riding from Amsterdam to Bruges, you'll find those delightful places you would otherwise never chance upon.  

Take off from Amsterdam in a south-westerly direction. Fill your photo album with portraits of the most picturesque towns in the Netherlands and Flanders: Gouda, Dordrecht, Willemstad, Zierikzee, Middelburg, Vlissingen (Flushing), Sluis, Damme and ultimately Bruges. All remarkably well-preserved gems, evocative of centuries past. And on a more natural note: this predominantly rural cycling tour takes in a number of nature reserves.

This is a linear tour! Also available with Bruges as the starting point.  Generally speaking, there is more chance of tailwind if you start the trip in Bruges (although obviously, we can not control the weather!)

Want to see more of Belgium? Ask about the possibilities for extra cycling days to Ghent and Antwerp or visit the site of our other label Belgian Biketours.

Day 1: Arrival in Amsterdam
Day 2: Amsterdam - Gouda / Bodegraven
Day 3: Gouda / Bodegraven- Papendrecht / Dordrecht
Day 4: Papendrecht / Dordrecht – Willemstad
Day 5: Willemstad – Schuddebeurs
Day 6: Schuddebeurs – Middelburg / Vlissingen
Day 7: Middelburg / Vlissingen – Brugge
Day 8: Return home

Day 1:    Arrival in Amsterdam

Your cycling holiday begins in Amsterdam, with its gorgeous 400-year-old canal district; a myriad of museums such as the new Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh, Anne Frank; street artists and performers on Dam, Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein; and the renowned red-light district. The city brims with things to see and do and you couldn’t hope for a more dynamic way to start your trip. Arrange for an early arrival to allow time for the elegant tree-lined canals, tall narrow townhouses and 17th-century canal ring, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.   

Day 2:    Amsterdam - Gouda / Bodegraven
68 km

From bustling Amsterdam, plunge into the peace and quiet of the ‘Groene Hart’ or Green Heart, a pleasant rural area of low-lying polders, peat meadows and grazing cattle. A flat, open landscape where church spires and windmills touch the horizon and clouds are reflected in lakes and canals. For centuries, people have flocked to markets in Gouda, coming from far and wide to buy horses, cows, meat, turf, seed, cheese, etc. Take an evening stroll around the Old Town, soak up the yesteryear atmosphere and marvel at the attractive market square, 15th-century town hall and Weighing House or ‘Waag’. 

Day 3:    Gouda / Bodegraven- Papendrecht / Dordrecht
38 km

From Gouda, cycle via the 'Green Heart of Holland' to Kinderdijk, where 19 windmills have majestically stood the test of time since 1740. These mills were formerly used to drain excess water out of the low-lying polder and pump it up to the River Lek, and one of them is open to the public. Your destination Papendrecht is just a ferry crossing away from Dordrecht, one of Holland’s oldest towns, surrounded entirely by rivers. Beautiful bridges take you across into the heart of town, where monumental buildings line the harbour.

A short 3km stretch leads to your hotel in Papendrecht, situated on the north bank of the river just outside Dordrecht town centre. 

Day 4:    Papendrecht / Dordrecht – Willemstad
65 km

The result of a major 1421 flood, Biesbosch is one of Europe’s few wetland habitats where the ecosystem has adapted to both salt water, coming in from the sea through tidal creeks, and fresh water, flowing down through the rivers. This ever-changing labyrinth of creeks and rivulets encompasses countless little islands of willows and reeds, a paradise for birds. Ride along at the edge of the National Park, then round off your day in Willemstad, a fortified town in the shape of a seven-pointed star.

Please note: Biesbosch Park can only be cycled on days the ferry runs. There is an alternate route for days with no ferry departure. 

Day 5:    Willemstad – Schuddebeurs
50 km

Today you enter Zeeland, a province marked by light, wind, water and lots of space. Criss-cross this region made up of islands, taking bridges and ferries as you drift down toward Belgium. Storybook towns with ancient houses and cobbled streets await in the coming days, as you traverse a patchwork landscape of vast polders, idyllic countryside, rolling dunes and golden sand flats. 

Day 6:    Schuddebeurs – Middelburg / Vlissingen
43 km

Delight in a wander down the narrow lanes of Zierikzee. Quaint little houses take you back in time, recalling the glory days when ships set sail with salt, wool, fish, grain and red dye, as far afield as the Baltic and Mediterranean. Your route continues in charming Veere, a distributor of Scottish wool way back in 1541. For 300 years, such commerce brought prosperity to the town, along with a lively expat community. Walk in their footsteps, as you tour the local sights. Cruising further south you discover the nostalgic splendour of Middelburg, capital of Zeeland and one of the Netherlands’ most important trading centres in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Day 7:    Middelburg / Vlissingen – Brugge
66 km

After a hearty breakfast, cycle onward to Vlissingen then hop on a ferry to Zeelandic Flanders with its winding country roads, pollard willows, moist meadows and scattered villages. Cutting across the border into Belgium, you will reach charming little Damme, on the banks of the romantic Damse Vaart. From here, it’s only a short stretch to Bruges, known as the pearl of Flanders! This truly enchanting destination has been welcoming tourists for some 150 years. With most of its medieval architecture intact, the exceptionally well-preserved town centre exudes a sense of times gone by when it was at the heart of the European wool and fabric trade. 

Day 8:    Return home

After breakfast your cycling holiday has come to an end.


Starting dates:
Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in April, May and September 
Daily in June, July and August

Please note: a minimum stay of 2 nights in a row is required in the hotel in Amsterdam on the following dates (and a higher price will be charged):
March 29th, 30th and 31st 2024
April 20th 2024
April 26th and 27th 2024
May 9, 10th and 11th 2024
May 17th, 18th and 19th 2024


Price pp
Double room, breakfast 829.00
Single room, breakfast 29 Mar 2024 - 23 Sep 2024 1,119.00
29 Mar 2024 - 30 Sep 2024 0.00
Extra night double room, breakfast only 100.00
Upgrades pp/night
Hotel Mondragon, Zierikzee 0.00
Hotel NH Brugge, Brugge 20.00
Westcord Art Hotel, Amsterdam 10.00
Surcharge per person
Stay in Amsterdam on Saturday 25.00
Stay in Amsterdam from:
29 Mar 2024 - 31 Mar 2024
20 Apr 2024 - 20 Apr 2024
26 Apr 2024 - 27 Apr 2024
09 May 2024 - 11 May 2024
17 May 2024 - 19 May 2024
Rental bike
Child bike 77.00
Hybrid 91.00
E-bike 189.00
Extra services
Bike Breakdown pass € 4.00 x 7 28.00
Child seat € 5.00 x 7 35.00
Bike theft insurance € 3.00 x 7 21.00
E-bike theft insurance € 6.00 x 7 42.00
Extra luggage € 5.00 x 7 35.00
Tag-along bike € 6.00 x 7 42.00
Child trailer € 17.50 x 7 122.50
Bike helmet per piece 10.00
SGR per piece 5.00

Starting point:

Starting dates:
Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in April, May and September 
Daily in June, July and August

Please note: a minimum stay of 2 nights in a row is required in the hotel in Amsterdam on the following dates (and a higher price will be charged):
April 20th 2024
April 26th and 27th 2024
May 9, 10th and 11th 2024
May 17th, 18th and 19th 2024


Price pp
Double room, breakfast 799.00
Single room, breakfast 29 Mar 2024 - 23 Sep 2024 1,089.00
29 Mar 2024 - 30 Sep 2024 0.00
Extra night double room, breakfast only 100.00
Surcharge per person
Stay in Amsterdam on Saturday 25.00
Stay in Amsterdam from:
29 Mar 2024 - 31 Mar 2024
20 Apr 2024 - 20 Apr 2024
26 Apr 2024 - 27 Apr 2024
09 May 2024 - 11 May 2024
17 May 2024 - 19 May 2024
Rental bike
Child bike 77.00
Hybrid 91.00
E-bike 189.00
Extra services
Bike Breakdown pass € 4.00 x 7 28.00
Child seat € 5.00 x 7 35.00
Bike theft insurance € 3.00 x 7 21.00
E-bike theft insurance € 6.00 x 7 42.00
Extra luggage € 5.00 x 7 35.00
Tag-along bike € 6.00 x 7 42.00
Child trailer € 17.50 x 7 122.50
Bike helmet per piece 10.00
SGR per piece 5.00

Starting point:


The hotels on this trip have been carefully selected for their location, atmosphere and/or unique services. All rooms are en-suite. A list of the hotels we work with appears below. If a certain hotel is unable to confirm due to lack of availability, we will try to request a comparable alternative if possible. 

On this trip you can choose from Category A and Category B.
Hotels in Category B are more economical, sometimes located further from the centre and may have fewer stars.

Category A:
Westcord Art Hotel ***/**** (Amsterdam)
Best Western Hotel Gouda **** (Gouda)
Leonardo Hotel Papendrecht **** (Papendrecht)
Hotel Mauritz *** (Willemstad)
Hostellerie Schuddebeurs *** (Noordgouwe)
Hotel Loskade 45 **** (Middelburg)
Velotel **** (Brugge)
Category B:
Westcord Art Hotel ***/**** (Amsterdam)
Gr8 Hotel Bodegraven *** (Bodegraven)
Postillion Hotel Dordrecht *** (Dordrecht)
Hotel Mauritz *** (Willemstad)
Hostellerie Schuddebeurs *** (Noordgouwe)
Hotel Piccard **** (Vlissingen)
Velotel **** (Brugge)

If you don’t bring your own bike, you can rent one from us. Our touring bikes are 24-speed gear. You can find all the information regarding our rental bikes below.

You will find your rental bike waiting for you at your first hotel. The hotel reception staff will give you the keys for your bikes and direct you to the bicycle shed. All bikes are provided with chain locks. 

Why the Dutch don't wear helmets! 

Instruction video hybrid bike and e-bike



A standard hybrid bike is €13,00 a day.

Our hybrid bikes have 24-gears with hand brakes. 
The hybrid bikes are circa 16,5 KG.

Rental bike

An electric bike is €27,00 a day.

The e-bikes have a small electric engine and battery, which can be charged at the hotels. You still have to pedal: it just makes pedaling much easier. Some experience with e-bikes is recommended, as the bikes accelerate faster and are heavier than regular bikes because of the electric engine. The weight of the e-bike is ca. 25 KG. We recommend a minimum height of 160 cm for the e-bike.


A child’s bike is € 11,00 a day.

For children who are at least 125 cm, we can also arrange bikes (these are 24”or 26” for children that are bigger than 140 cm). 
The child bikes come with at least 7-gears and hand brakes. 
The maximum body height for a child’s bike is 155 cm. 

24" child bike:

26" child bike:
Child bike 26 inch


All our rental bikes come with a bell.


All our adult bikes come with hand brakes. 


For children up to 30 months old (max. 15 KG) it is possible to rent a front child seat. This is not possible with e-bikes, due to the display.

For children older than 30 months (max. 22KG) it is possible to rent a rear child seat. This is also possible with e-bikes.

Both front- and rear child seats are €5,- per day.  


It is possible to rent a GPS device when you start your tour in Amsterdam, Bruges, Utrecht, Huizen or Bunnik for €20,-. 


Helmets are not mandatory in the Netherlands, but can be rented for €10,- per piece.
Available sizes: Adult: 54-61 cm, Child: 50-55 cm. 


All our bikes come with both front- and rear lights. You need to push the button on the lamp and it will flash three times. This means that the lights will automatically start working when it gets dark. 

When you push again, the lamp will flash one time and the lights will be turned off.


Our bikes come with a defender lock with plug in chain (cable lock that is attached to the regular lock, see picture).

You need to turn the key a bit, take out the pin from the cable lock and attach it to a pole/other bike/fence etc.

When you push the pin back into the regular lock, you need to lock the regular lock as you always do, and both locks will be secured.


1 pannier is included at the 'standard' bikes and the e-bikes.

Height: 42 cm
Depth front to the side: 17 cm
Wide top: 32 cm
Wide down: 23 cm
Volume: 20 liters
It has an easy click-on/click-off system. The panniers are water resistant, so everything will stay dry.


The rental bikes come with regular pedals, so no click-in/SPD pedals. 


All our bikes come with a quick release system, which makes it very easy to adjust the height of the saddle and the handle bars. 


There is one small puncture kit included, which can be found in the pannier. In case a rental bike has another problem, we always advise you to go to a bike repair shop or call the bike breakdown emergency number which is provided in the travel documents when you book this extra service.


Saddles can be adjusted in height without using any tools, see ‘Quick Release’.
Our saddles don’t come with a gel cover. 


Dutch Biketours does not provide water bottles. We can also not guarantee that there are bottle holders on the bikes. You will always receive 1x pannier, so you can always store your water bottle in your pannier.

A Tandem bike is € 20,00 a day.

We have a limited amount of tandem bikes available on request.
Tandem bikes are suitable for two adults only.
The tandem bikes have a frame size of 48 cm.
We mostly use the Victoria Spezial 8.7.
This tandem bike comes with 24-derailleur gears or nuvinci gears.
The height of the handle bars on a tandem bike cannot be adjusted.

A family tandem is €20,00 a day.

We have limited family tandem bikes available on request.
The family tandems have 7-gears and can be used for one adult and one child with a minimum body height of 125 cm.


A Tag-along bike is €6,00 a day.

A tag-along bike is a good option for children between approx. 100 cm and 125 cm, as they can pedal themselves and on their own pace but don’t have to worry about other traffic.


A child trailer is €17,50 a day.

Child trailers can be rented for a maximum of two children who are up to 100 cm (max. 35 KG in total).
We mostly use the XLC Duo 2 child trailer.
Child trailers are not possible in combination with e-bikes.  

Mile after wonderful mile of untroubled cycling is what we would wish our clients. However there is a minimal chance of breakdown along the way. If this thought is a nagging worry to you, a Bicycle Breakdown Assistance insurance policy may ease your mind. If you buy this insurance from our partner ANWB pechhulp in advance, their service is as follows. The costs are €4,- per bicycle per day. If your bike breaks down by the roadside an ANWB bicycle repair man will drive to you in his repair van and fix your bike so you can continue your tour. You won’t have to pay him repair costs. If you are cycling on your own bicycle you will be charged for any new spare parts your bike may require. If you are renting a bicycle through Dutch Bike Tours any new parts are at our expense. If it turns out the bicycle cannot be repaired on the spot, or if you can't continue cycling, the repairman can drop you off somewhere in his van. One companion plus bikes may join you in the van.

Do you wish to insure your bike against theft? The cost is € 3,- per day per standard hybrid bicycle.
For an electric bicycle, premium bike or racing bike: € 6,00 per day per bicycle.
Please see the General Terms and Conditions for Bicycle Hire and Insurance. 

If a rental bike gets stolen or damaged, we will hold the client responsible.
If your insurance does not cover this event, you will have to pay the costs yourself.

Article 1 Bike Rental Price

The bike rental price is determined by the rates mentioned on the Dutch Bike Tours website at the time of the booking; or as subsequently agreed.

Article 2 Payment

a. The rental price and any other due sums regarding the rental agreement must be paid before the bike is handed over to you.

b. If, for whatever reason, you cannot make use of the bike(s) you have rented, Dutch Bike Tours will not be held responsible for any resulting expenses or damage.

c. In the case of the article 2b, the client remains obliged to pay the full rental price and any other amounts mentioned in the invoice, in accordance with our General Terms and Conditions of Booking, unless the client can prove that his not being able to use the bike was the consequence of a defect that was already present at the beginning of the rental period.

Article 3 Rental Period

a. The rental period runs from the morning of the first cycling day (day 2) to the end of the holiday (the departure day), as stated in the booking confirmation.

b. Extension of the rental period is possible only after approval by us and according to the (extension) rates as mentioned in article 1.

c. No refunds are possible after the rental period begins. If you return the bike(s) to us before the end of your holiday, the rental agreement will automatically be terminated and you will not get any of your money back.

d. At the end of the last cycling day of your holiday, the bike(s) must be returned to the hotel from where it was/they were issued, no later than the time stated in the booking confirmation.
If you book a one way tour tour you can leave the bike at the last hotel of the trip. 

e. If the bike(s) is /are not returned by the return time stated in the booking confirmation, we will continue to charge you rent until such time as the bike(s) is/are returned to us or is/are received by us. In the event of late return, the rates as mentioned in article 1 will continue to apply, plus a fine of €25 per day. We also reserve the right to demand payment for any costs and/or damages suffered by us due to late return of our rental bike(s).

f. Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, in the event of late return of our rental bikes, we reserve the right to dissolve the rental agreement without judicial intervention and immediately claim back our bicycles where ever they may be and from whomever has them. Dutch Bike Tours also holds this right in the event that the client does not comply with any of the other conditions stated in this rental agreement.

Article 4 Improper Use

a. The bicycle(s) may only be used for its/their intended purpose and only by the cyclists listed in the rental agreement.

b. The bike(s) must be returned to us in the same (clean!) state in which you received it/them.

c. You must take excellent care of the bicycle(s), as if it/they were your own. You must take every precaution against damage, loss or theft.

d. The bicycle may not be used on the beach; or on sandy paths in the dunes unless a paved path is unavailable.

Article 5 Damage, Loss and Theft

The renter will be held responsible for damages to or loss of the bicycle(s) or parts of it, as well as bicycle keys and chains and locks, for such an amount as is determined by us according to standard market prices. You must understand that you are not insured for damage to the bicycle(s) or for any damages to third parties.

Article 6 Theft Insurance

It is possible to purchase Bicycle Theft Insurance. Covered are: damages arising out of the theft of the bicycle; and damages to the bicycle as a consequence of the theft. Not covered are: theft of bicycle parts; and damages arising out of attempted theft.

Article 7 Theft Insurance Premium

a. The premium for Bicycle Theft Insurance is € 3,00 per day per standard hybrid bicycle. For an electric bicycle € 6,00 per day as well for a Premium bike and racing bike.

The number of insurance days is the same as the number of cycling days as stated in our booking confirmation.

Article 8 Liability in the Event of Theft

a. If you did not purchase Bicycle Theft Insurance from us before the start of the holiday, you will be held fully accountable for the sum determined by us according to standard prices.

b. If you did purchase Bicycle Theft Insurance from us, but you failed to lock the wheel lock and failed to produce the original wheel lock key and failed to produce an official theft report drawn up by the police, you will still be held fully accountable for the sum determined by us according to standard prices.

Article 9 Costs During the Rental Period

Any charges and taxes regarding the rental bicycle(s), such as fines and ferry tickets, are to be paid by you. You will also be required to pay all costs ensuing from the use of the bicycle(s) such as parking fees, maintenance and repairs.


Practical info

7 Nights included

3/4 Star Hotels

Tourist tax included

Breakfast included

Detailed roadbooks with maps and tourist information

Rental bikes available

7-days a week service-hotline

Luggage transport to your next hotel

not included:
Amsterdam Sloterdijk / Amsterdam CS
Bruges - Amsterdam via Antwerpen

Parking available at the hotel

GPS-tracks available

Ferry crossings are not included

Train back to Amsterdam is not included

Arrival info

The nearest airport is Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS)

The train from Schiphol to Amsterdam Sloterdijk departs 6 times per hour. Travel time is about 10 minutes. A single ticket costs approx €4,- per person excl. bicycle.

For timetables and tickets, go to www.ns.nl/en. For bus details, how to reach the hotel, check : www.9292.nl/en.

Bruges is the final destination of this tour. You can fly back from Belgium, or take the train back to Schiphol Airport.



Excellent experience and arrangements went very smoothly. Bikes were good and we enjoyed the route chosen especially through the Green Heart during the first 2 days. Interesting route over bridges and ferries and through beautiful countryside and historic towns


Excellent experience and arrangements went very smoothly. Bikes were good and we enjoyed the route chosen especially through the Green Heart during the first 2 days. Interesting route over bridges and ferries and through beautiful countryside and historic towns


Loved the amazing expanse of cycleways throughout the bike tour .We would never cycle without a helmet at home but felt confident to do so due to the cycle paths being so safe. Didn’t get lost once thanks to the cycle app!


Nice views, ferry connections, bike delivery & pick up were easy. Hotel in Amsterdam was easy to use with the city bus. Every hotel offered great breakfast. Gr8, Harbor Hotel (Leonardo?) and Hotel Postillion were just too far from the small villages that we rode through and preferred to have time to visist. Willemstad hotel and Mondragon hotels offered great food, accommodation and above all else excellent locations! 


The ride was very tiring for me as I am 75. It was, however, very enjoyable and rewarding. I always felt safe on the quiet country lanes and was very appreciative of the respect shown to cyclists by other vehicular traffic. It was so interesting to see the villages and historic towns along the way.


Beautiful scenery, lovely towns and places to visit, good balance was water front and in-land fields along the way, excellent bike paths in our route in Netherlands and Belgium, and very nice people.


What a beautiful trip. The organization was excellent as was the baggage transfer service. We really enojyed each town we had a layover in and the route instructions were great. Can't wait to book another trip in the future


We were a group of 6 from the US. We loved traveling through the rural farmland and biking through small villages and old cities. The few museums we visited were very interesting and informative about Dutch culture. We hit a bit of rain and wind but had very high spirits in spite of the weather - which we can't predict! We definitely want to come back and tour with some framily members who could not make this trip. We really appreciate DBT always responding promptly to our questions and assistance both prior to and during our trip. Great staff. Thank you all for organizing this trip for us!


This was the second time we did a trip with Dutch Bike Tours and it has been just as fun and enjoyable this time. The routes are so well explained and cycling in the Netherlands is so easy and beautiful. We were almost always near water and there is so much wildlife to see. The hotels were in good locations and very comfortable. We’re already planning a third trip!


A brilliant experience; who knew that there were so many perfect traffic free cycling routes!


We loved getting a chance to see Holland from a bike - you go through towns and see countryside that you'd never see otherwise. The route guides give you great flexibility for your day and the luggage transport service was fantastic! All of the fun and none of the logistics.


...We had a best holiday on the road of Holland. Bicycles was nearly new and everything fixed and equipped. Instructions are very clear and helpful. Hotels in good location with nice diners and breakfast. Luggage was delivered in time. Even weather was beautiful, except our last day (typhoon in Belgium)...


...I was very satisfied overall with the trip. I was very happy overall and would be likely to do another bike trip in the future...


...It was so smooth and well organised with the bags arriving at each hotel everyday and no trouble with any of the five bikes we hired for the trip, and would add that I wouldn't do a trip like this without hiring the GPS unit which had all the routes and hotels loaded. Brilliant holiday and a great way to see your country...


...As we expected, the bike tour itself was very nice, visiting many nice cities and going trough lovely scenery.  We very much enjoyed the bike trip...


...Probably lack of research on our side but did not realize that the general wind direction is from the SW and is usually quite strong. We did not have good luck with the weather which is just bad luck but knowing about the general windiness of Holland and usual wind direction would have had us considering taking the trip in the opposite direction. All accommodations were comfortable and friendly. This was our first bicycle tour and despite the weather we really enjoyed the experience and would like to do it again! Thank you so much for all your help and hope to book with you in the not to distant future. (Just not into the wind and rain everyday.) Holland is both beautiful, friendly and fun... 


...I loved being in the country the most. Crossing the long bridges and dykes was so much fun. The Groen Hardt was wonderful...


...We have a wonderful time and your service was great, the breakfasts and hotels were wonderful...


...Our trip was such a great experience, we were able to see the country of the Netherlands at such a wonderful pace. It is superior to driving as you get to see such beautiful sites along the way. The tour was well organised and we were able to find our way easily from stay to stay. My Dutch family felt that they too would like to take such a tour through their own country as they followed the blog of our trip. I would recommend this tour to everyone, it really was fantastic...


...We loved every minute of our trip especially crossing that long 5 klm. bridge and the ferries, the ocean view and canals....thank you for a great trip... 


...Very beautiful bike ride, amazing landcapes with lot of water. In Netherlands, everything is made for bikes. People are very nice, always ready to help, inform...


...Everyday we had different scenery. One day was better then the next...there was a lot of variety....beautiful cities, fields, canals, unique bridges to cross and ferries...


...A family bike tour is an experience like no other. Riding from Amsterdam to Bruges allowed us time to explore, reflect and laugh. By the end of the tour our 10 year old was able to lead, knowing how to read and identify the signs and we spent a lot of time riding in a group chatting as we ambled along fields and canals. Night time was a chance to explore some beautiful old towns and local delicacies...


...We have recently returned from our holiday and would like thank you, we had a fantastic time.  Our bags were transported efficiently, always delivered to the hotels prior to our arrival. We liked the other hotels selected, particularly the Bellevue in Dordrecht due to the fabulous river view. The GPS was essential for us and the directions taking us to the hotels each day much appreciated. The routes you had chosen took us through varied, beautiful scenery, we loved catching the ferries...


...Very sad to give up our bikes , we had a wonderful time . The way it was organised was faultless... 


...We’re back after a wonderful trip. Thank you so much for setting up the bike ride. The Netherlands are so perfect for biking and the scenery, food, and the people were fantastic. The arrangements you made were just great. We’re back in the desert now and looking at the pictures we took and remembering what a beautiful time we had...


...Thank you for a wonderful holiday!...


...We love the country, the people are warm and helpful, And the route is fantastic. In our case we thought we should have started in Brugge and cycled to Amsterdam as we would have had the wind at our back in a couple of the days. Fabulous week !...


...I cycled as a solo female traveller from Amsterdam to Brugges in late August 2018. Dutch Bike Tours exceeded my expectations from beginning to end in terms of responsiveness, dependability, professionalism, service orientation, quality of hotel accommodations and meals (I took the half board), and the sheer beauty of the bike trails and sights or places of interest along the way. I highly recommend the GPS, which allowed me to fully enjoy the scenery rather than keep my eyes focused on paper maps, and the bike breakdown pass which I used once and was extremely well served by. I will definitely cycle with Dutch Bike Tours again and highly recommend the company. Don't hesitate to book your cycling trip with DBT and enjoy the good life by bike!!...


...Without a doubt the BEST week ever on a bike!...


...Beautiful scenery particularly during the first three days and into Bruges. Depending on the time of year Bruges to Amsterdam may have the wind at your back... 


...It was wonderful trip through the netherlands countryside and old charming towns. I love that we could explore and bike at our own pace (also far cheaper than the guided tours). It was nice that all hotels seemed happy to see you (used to dealing with bikes, luggage, etc). DBT was always quick to respond to any issues/questions that i had before and during the trip. Hope to do another trip again in the future...


...We had a wonderful time. Route was excellent, hotels good and backup queries from Dutch bike staff timely and helpful. We became quite saddle sore with the Dutch bikes. Would prefer a more traditional bike next time...


...Perfect bicycle holiday. Every day had its charm - and surprise! Holland is a wonderful country for bicycles! Always save some time to also walk the streets! Even the smallest places will surprise you!...


...Great seeing the countryside & experience biking in the Netherlands & Belgium...


...We had a few questions about one of the bikes when we arrived, but received excellent support when we called in to your office (the front bag needed to be switched out). We chose to add the extra night in Woerden, and would recommend this for most riders vs. Amsterdam - Gouda all on day one. We will certainly recommend your company to others. Thank you...


...All hotels were perfect. The route from Papendrecht to Willemstad was beautiful. Great holiday. Everything was super...


...GPS was invaluable.Twice we experienced road closures due to road works and the GPS enabled us to re-route effectively. All hotels were of good quality. We would have liked some information about public toilets in Holland. We did not find public toilets on this trip...


...the accommodation and dinners included in the halfboard were fantastic...


...Thank you for routing through Kinderdijk. It was definitely a highlight...


...Travel through nice towns, picking your own places to stop and get a beverage or some food was very nice. We stopped at a small place in Sirjans and meet a very nice couple who owned the place. Roads good and very impressed with the bicycle paths in Netherlands. Quite a 'highway' system and wished we had something similar in the USA...


...Everything was well organized! The staff at all the hotels were helpful & friendly... 



...My husband and I are back in New York following our cycling adventure fom Amsterdam to Bruges and I just wanted to thank you for a fabulous trip! Everything was well-organized and the bicycles and equipment were top quality. Your country is beautiful and the Dutch people that we met along the way were lovely - always friendly and helpful.  We're already talking about our next Dutch Bike Tours trip!...


...The accommodations were good, the routes were well planned. All in all it was very organized...


...We had a great experience! We have already referred friends who have heard of our time biking in The Netherlands. We enjoyed the comfort of the Dutch bikes...


...This was our first cycling trip in Holland so the whole experience was new and interesting. We loved the dedicated bike routes and pretty countryside despite the continual rain and cold weather! We were very pleased with the bikes and found them comfortable and easy to ride...


...Now we are going back home and missing already the incredible daily cycling days we had. We just loved it all, the routes, the bikes, the places, organization, maps, tips and all locations we stayed. We thank you very much for such incredible experience you provided to us...


...We had a great time, and particularly enjoyed the routes chosen and the quality of the bikes...


Equipment very good condition.
Accommodation generally very good except second last night (bathroom in cupboard and limited opportunity to visit to town in evening).
Meals all excellent with third last evening the BEST (excellent presentation, meal and detail of services)
Experience was excellent and would recommend your Company to anyone wanting to bike tour in Europe and would use your company again - service was excellent .


...The hotels were anywhere from good to outstanding.  Even the less expensive hotels had their attractions (e.g., the hotel in Vlissingen had a wonderful dining room and a swimming pool.) All the hotels varied a great deal and we enjoyed staying in each one. Well done....


...We loved the GPS which was indispensable for the trip! We loved the hotels but thought the hotel in Dordrecht was too far from the city center. We appreciate that our luggage was always delivered on time and was often early. Thanks for a fun adventure!...


...“we finished our cycling tour and we are  really enthusiastic about the experience. Hotels were excellent; the one in  Schuddebeurs was an old country inn surrounded by nature in this little village on the path; in Willemstad we were right on the marina. Even the dinners were excellent. In addition, the landscape has helped a lot, the Netherlands is extremely nice bike, we have come almost exclusively bike paths and we loved every single ride. Amsterdam is interesting and Bruges is very beautiful .. I would leave immediately again , of course! Thanks for everything, Francesca, also have read with patience this my email. Keep it up, because it still travel by bicycle is still the best way to travel!....


....We have had a fantastic time cycling from Amsterdam to Bruges. lovely route, great Accomodation and reliable bikes. the GPS was extremely useful especially to find the hotels. this is our 3rd successive trip with your company and we have never been disappointed....


....We had a very enjoyable time in Holland. Unfortunately, we chose a week when the weather was very poor. 4 of the 6 days were wet and windy. The hotels you have chosen were mostly satisfactory. The GPS worked well and the routes you chose were excellent. The cycle paths in Holland are superb. The Dutch people we met were all friendly and helpful and their spoken English is excellent. We would definitely consider another holiday with you, even a repeat of this one done in the opposite direction and in nicer weather....


....Overall, we enjoyed our trip very much. The bikes were of excellent quality, and the routes took us through scenic and interesting landscapes. People whom we met were friendly and helpful. We hope to take another trip in the near future....


....We have enjoyed the ride and our trip was well organized....


....We zijn aangenaam verrast door de grote landschap in België en Nederland....


....Overall we really enjoyed the trip and so I do not want to give any bad impressions. For example, the accommodations were terrific as were the meals. The routes chosen were excellent and gave us a chance to see a variety of things. We also met many nice people on the trip which was a real benefit as well....


....I would just like to say that we had a great time and would definitely recommend and use Dutch Bike Tours again for cycling in Holland. Virtually all the accommodations were of acceptable quality although there was some variation in standards amongst all the venues with some being newer, larger and more convenient than others. The general route was enjoyable and gave us a good appreciation of the regional difference through this part of the country....


...We had a very enjoyable trip in your beautiful country. The innkeepers were all welcoming and helpful with the bikes, and the bikes performed very well. There was one particularly challenging day when the wind was over 40 mph - it seemed like we rode three times the distance....


...Thank you for a wonderful trip.  All of the hotels met our expectations.  The bikes all fit and worked out well.  Your handbook of materials was complete and superb...


We successfully finished our ride yesterday after a wonderful six days.  We have many happy memories and are excited to share our stories and pictures with our friends back home in Canada


...I wish it hadn’t rained so hard on the Wednesday but that is always the risk you take with an outdoor activity like cycling. I found the routes easy to follow but did get lost briefly a couple of times (once when the path was being repaired and was blocked and the other when I missed the turn). The hotels were great and the food was of high quality. I will recommend the experience to other riders. The only suggestion I have is that it would be good to have a shorter option for each of the sectors, if possible, when the weather in a sector was really bad. Not sure how practical that would be. Again, thanks very much...


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