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Frequently Asked Questions

General information

  • Are the trips guided or self-guided? 

We only offer self-guided holidays. There is one exception: On some bike & boat holidays there are guided cycling trips. This is mentioned on the relevant tour page of that trip. 

  • Can I book a trip as a solo traveller?

Yes, you can. There is a single room supplement for single occupancy, but the final price for a single room can be found in the price table for the tour you wish to book.

  • What is the difference between single/twin/double room? 

A single room is for single occupancy (1 person per room).
A twin room is meant for 2 people occupancy. There are 2 separate beds in the room.
A double room is meant for 2 people occupancy. The room has 1 double bed.
Please be aware that we can not always guarantee the twin/double bed preferences, as it depends on the type of room the hotel has available.  

  • Can I bring my dog?

Generally it is not possible to bring your dog on any of our tours, most hotels do not allow pets in the building. There are very few tours that are dog friendly, please email us for more information.

  • Can you check if a certain trip available on a certain day/period?

No, we cannot. All our tours are on request, and you can find the dates we can still request in the calendar on each tour page. Once you have chosen 1 of these dates, we will contact the hotels for you to check availability. The booking is NOT confirmed until we send you the final confirmation and invoice.

  • Do I need to pay a deposit to proceed with the booking request?

No, you don't have to. You can send us your booking request using our online booking form (or by email if you prefer). We will then start working on your request and normally take 7-8 working days to confirm your booking. The booking is final and irrevocable once the booking confirmation has been sent to you. Along with the confirmation you will receive instructions on how to pay the deposit after receiving the booking confirmation and 6 weeks before arrival the balance.

  • How do I book a holiday?

The easiest way to book your bike holiday, is to fill out our online booking form. But feel free to use e-mail or phone if you prefer. The booking will be definitive and irrevocable as soon as the booking confirmation has been sent to you. Please also read our Conditions of Booking.

  • How much is the penalty if I cancel my booking?

The booking will be definitive and irrevocable as soon as the booking confirmation has been sent to you. After that moment, you can find all the terms here, under the section Cancellation. 

  • What’s SGR?

Dutch Bike Tours/Fietsvakantiewinkel (Chamber of Commerce registration number 30088748) is a registered participant of SGR. You can verify this on www.sgr.nl. Holidays listed on this website are covered by SGR’s guarantee, within the terms of the SGR guarantee scheme. Under SGR’s guarantee, consumers shall have their prepaid travel sum refunded if their counterparty is unable to fulfil its contractual obligations due to financial inability. Insofar as the agreement includes the transport and the destination has already been reached, the return trip will be arranged. A mandatory SGR contribution of € 5 per person will be charged when booking, for the benefit of the SGR fund.

About weather

  • What if it rains?

Here are our best Dutch Bike Tours tips. Make sure you always have your rain gear with you. Moreover, pack dry clothes in your water-proof pannier bags. That way you can change into dry clothes upon arrival at your hotel even if your luggage has not yet been delivered. On www.buienradar.nl you can see the shower forecast for the coming three hours. So theoretically you can try to plan your cycling trip around the shower(s). 
Why don’t you have a drink in a bar and try the famous Dutch bitterballs while you wait for the rain to pass before continuing on your bike :)

  • What is the best season, in terms of weather, to travel to the Netherlands? 

The weather is always unpredictable here in the Netherlands, so it is difficult for us to suggest a specific season. Most of our tours start in April and end in September, so you have the best seasons: spring and summer. Before you leave home for your cycling holiday here in the Netherlands, check the weather forecast for the coming week, but please remember that the weather can always change. So, it is always a good idea to have rain gear with you!

  • When (and where) can the tulips be seen?

Tulip flowering can always change depending on the weather. Generally, the tulips are at their best around April to beginning of May, with the best period the last 2 weeks in April. The two best areas to see them are around Haarlem and Leiden and in North Holland. 
We offer two different tours in these areas:
Tulip Tour: find more information here.
Tulip paradise in North Holland: find more information here.

About bikes

  • Can I just rent bikes with you?

No, only when you book a tour with us is bike hire available. Rental bike alone is not possible. 

  • What type of bikes can I rent through Dutch Bike Tours?

It depends on the tour you book, but we always offer two options, a standard bike (hybrid bike) and an electric bike. You can find out which type of bike we hire on the tour page for the tour you are interested in.

  • Can I rent an extra pannier bag?

No, it is not possible. The bike rental always includes 1 pannier bag.

  • Is it possible to bring my own pedals? 

Yes, it is possible. You can bring your own pedals, but you will need to change them yourself once you arrive at your first destination. So please bring your own tools and keep the original pedals as you will need to put the original pedals back on the rental bike at the end of the tour.

  • Can we store our bikes safely at the hotels?

When selecting hotels, we have tried to include secure, locked bicycle parking where possible. However, we cannot guarantee that this will be available at all hotels.

  • Is a bike helmet compulsory in the Netherlands?

No, it is not. However, we would advise you to make sure your children wear a bicycle helmet. Please let us know on the booking form if you would like to hire a bike helmet. For very young children (baby’s and toddlers) we do not offer helmets.

About the tour

  • Can I book half board?

We do not offer half board; our trips are on a bed and breakfast basis. You can have dinner every day at the hotel or nearby according to your own wishes and budget. We do make exceptions for groups of 8 persons or more, in which case please email us to check the options and possibilities.

  • Can I book an extra night?

For all daily departures, you can always ask to book extra nights before, during and after the tour. The price for the extra night(s) will vary depending on the hotel booked, you can quote an extra night yourself in the booking form tool. As with all our services, availability is on request and cannot be guaranteed in advance.

  • Can I start from another location?

It depends, not all places are available as starting points. Generally, if you don't rent our bikes, you can start from another location, but if you rent the bikes from us, please check with us what is possible. Good to know, Amsterdam can always be a start/finish location.
Please be aware, if you travel by car then starting from another location can involve different and higher parking costs as not all hotels offer free parking.

  • Is the luggage transport included in the tour?

Yes, luggage transport from hotel to hotel is always included in all our tours (except for trips based in 1 hotel and boat & bike tours). It is 1 piece (max 20kg) per person. If you wish to bring additional luggage, please inform us well in advance when making your booking request (the cost is €5 per piece/per day of service).

  • Is it possible to pass on my dietary needs to the hotels I will be staying at?

Yes, it is, please let us know when you make your booking request, and we will inform the hotel for you. Remember, it is always good to remind hotels when you check in!

  • Can I book my own hotels?

No, we can only provide luggage transfer and cycle routes if the hotels have been booked through us.

About payment

  • When do I need to pay the deposit and the balance?

The deposit of our hotel tours is 15% and needs to be paid after receiving the booking confirmation. The balance is due 6 weeks prior to departure. You find this information on the invoice we sent you and on your MYDBT personal account.
For boat & bike tours we ask 30% deposit.

  • Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, you can. On your MyDBT personal account you have a choice of payment methods, you can choose the one you prefer, paying with a credit card is one of the options.

About your arrival 

  • Will there be a welcome briefing at the first hotel?

No, there won't be a welcome meeting. Once you have checked into your first hotel, the receptionist will give you the envelope with your complete tour documents. This will contain all the general information about your tour. Dutch customers will receive the travel documents at home. 
If you have hired a bike with us, you won't have a bike fit/briefing on the first day. The bike will be ready and adjusted according to your height which you have communicated to us at the time of booking. You will receive the bike key from reception, and they will tell you where the bike is stored.

  • When will I receive my Route Pack?

When you check into your first hotel, you will receive our Route Pack, one per room. It includes route descriptions, luggage labels and extra information. If you wish to consult this information beforehand, by way of preparation for the holiday, you can download the documents through MyDBT on our website and print them at home. You will receive your Login for MyDBT upon receipt of your booking confirmation.
Dutch customers will receive the travel documents at home.

  • When will I receive my rental bike?

Depending on the tour and the bike hire company, the bike may be waiting for you at the hotel on arrival and you can ask reception for the bike key. Otherwise, the bike will be delivered on the morning of your first day of cycling, again you can ask the reception for the bike key.

During your trip

  • Can we ride along with the luggage carrier?

This is not possible. Our drivers have a strict schedule and a lot of luggage to pick up and deliver during the day. Also, sometimes the van is full and some of them are not allowed to take passengers. For this reason, we always recommend that you take the train if possible: please check the NS website to see what your options are and remember that bicycles are allowed on board, but you will need to buy a separate ticket. You can find all the information you need about taking your bike on board in this special section of the NS website (https://www.ns.nl/en/tickets/bicycle-ticket-off-peak).

  • What time will my luggage be picked up / dropped off at the hotel?

You must leave your luggage at reception before 9:00 a.m. If you are late, we cannot guarantee that your luggage will be transported to the next location, and you will need to arrange this yourself. Your luggage will be delivered to the hotel before 5:00pm.

  • What if we get a flat tire/mechanical problems?

The best thing to do is to go to a bicycle repair shop, there are several here in the Netherlands, they can help you with the tyre and have a look at your bike if there are any mechanical problems. If they cannot solve the problem, call us and we will try to help you. 
If you have booked the Bike Breakdown Pass service with us, please call the number given to you in your travel documents: A bicycle repair man will drive to you in his repair van and fix your bike so you can continue your tour. You won’t have to pay him repair costs. If you are cycling on your own bicycle, you will be charged for any new spare parts your bike may require. If you are renting a bicycle through Dutch Bike Tours any new parts are at our expense. If it turns out the bicycle cannot be repaired on the spot, or if you can't continue cycling, the repairman can drop you off somewhere in his van. One companion plus bikes may join you in the van.  

  • How can I contact Dutch Bike Tours during my cycling trip?

During office hours (Monday – Friday: 9:00am - 5:30pm), you can call us on 0031 24 3244712. Outside office hours you can call us on our emergency telephone number which you will find in your Route Pack. We don’t read e-mails at the weekend but if you are on one of our trips we are available for emergencies on our emergency phone number. 

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