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Tulip Mini-Cruise
Tulip Mini-Cruise
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5 days
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Amsterdam Nature Cities
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Tulip Mini-Cruise
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Tulip Mini-Cruise


Bike Tour: Tulip Mini-Cruise - 5 days

Experience Holland in style: with a gorgeous spring break overflowing with flowers. This 5-day mini-cruise treats you to Dutch delights in the most beautiful season of the year and will take you to hidden botanical gems in “the Garden of Amsterdam”. Enjoy unforgettable days on board a custom-built barge with excellent service and an alternating itinerary.

Amsterdam is also called, by some, the smallest metropolis of Europe. It boasts many unique museums, as well as enticing shopping, and the UNESCO-listed canals in the heart of city certainly make a visit to Amsterdam a fine Holland highlight. Visit the famous flower market in the center of the capital and discover the Zaanse Schans open-air museum, including windmills, a traditional cheese maker, a clog maker, and a traditional Dutch village. Other highlights of this trip are the historic city of Haarlem, the world famous flower park Keukenhof, near Lisse.

Day 1: Amsterdam | Amsterdam – Zaandam
Day 2: Zaandam – “Zaanse Schans” – Zaandam | Zaandam – Haarlem
Day 3: Haarlem – Keukenhof – Oude Wetering
Day 4: Oude Wetering – Amsterdam | Amsterdam
Day 5: Amsterdam

Day 1:    Amsterdam | Amsterdam – Zaandam

Embarkation and check-in, where the crew will welcome you on board, takes place at 2 p.m.. As soon as all guests have arrived a short cruise will bring you to Zaandam, a spot famous for its windmills. Here, your barge will berth in the center of the city for the night. Upon arrival you can enjoy taking your new bike for a brief test ride through the surrounding area. In the evening, enjoy a short walk through the picturesque center of Zaandam.

Day 2:    Zaandam – “Zaanse Schans” – Zaandam | Zaandam – Haarlem
24 km

After breakfast you will enjoy a 5 km bicycle ride to the open air museum “Zaanse Schans” with beautiful windmills, traditional wooden houses, an old Dutch village, a cheese farm and a traditional wooden clog maker. In the afternoon you have a choice to make: you can either cycle (24 km/14 mi.) to Haarlem or take it easy and join the barge while enjoying the scenery. In Haarlem visit the historical inner city with the Grote Markt and St. Bavo church. Your barge will be berthed not far from the centre of Haarlem for the night, so you will have time to enjoy a short city walk in the afternoon or in the evening.
(24 km / 14 mi. or 34 km / 21mi.)

Day 3:    Haarlem – Keukenhof – Oude Wetering
39 km

Today you will cycle to the Keukenhof, arguably the most famous flower park in the world where you can admire hundreds of thousands of tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and many other flowers in full bloom. After an extensive visit you will get back on your bicycle at noon and will head to Oude Wetering, a small village, where your floating hotel will be waiting for you.
(39 km/24 mi. or 57 km/35 mi.)

Day 4:     Oude Wetering – Amsterdam | Amsterdam
28 km

This morning you are in for a real treat – an early visit by bus (6.30 a.m.) to the biggest flower auction in the world at Aalsmeer. In the morning millions of flowers are auctioned off here and are instantly sent out to all parts of the world*. By 9 a.m. you will return on the your barge where a late breakfast will be waiting for you before you make your way to Amsterdam by bicycle. During the afternoon you will join the barge sailing through Amsterdam. Later in the afternoon there is time to discover this amazing city. Visit the inner city flower market, go to a museum, do some shopping… there is just so much to do!
Waterland cycling tour (28 km / 18 mi.)

*: The Aalsmeer flower auction is closed during weekends and on public holidays. This is an optional visit. Please be aware that on certain departure dates 2021, a visits to the flower auction is not possible.
Fluvius: April 14 / April 22
Magnifique II: April 21 / April 29
Princesse Royal: March 31 / April 8 / April 28 

Day 5:    Amsterdam

End of your tour: Disembarkation after breakfast until 9.30 a.m.


Upper Deck

Lower Deck

Lower Deck

Upper Deck

Small Twin
Lower Deck

Price per person €   Euro   Euro  Euro  Euro Euro
Monday 05-04-2021 789,00 659,00  988,50  939,00 629,00
Friday 09-04-2021  789,00 659,00 988,50 939,00  629,00
Tuesday 13-04-2021 789,00 659,00  988,50 939,00 629,00


 Lena Maria

Twin Lower Deck

Single Lower Deck

Price per person €   Euro  Euro
Wednesday 14-04-2021 659,00 988,50
Sunday 18-04-2021 659,00 988,50
Thursday 22-04-2021 659,00 988,50
Monday 26-04-2021 659,00 988,50


MS MAGNIFIQUE II                        

Twin Lower Deck

Single Lower Deck Twin or Triple Lower Deck Premium twin Cabin Suite upper Deck Suite upper Deck - triple
Price per person €  Euro Euro  Euro  Euro Euro Euro
Tuesday 30-03-2021 729,00  1093,50 729,00 859,00 1029,00 1029,00
Saturday 03-04-2021 819,00  1228,50  819,00  949,00  1119,00  1119,00
Wednesday 21-04-2021 819,00  1228,50 819,00 949,00 1119,00 1119,00
Sunday 25-04-2021 819,00  1228,50 819,00 949,00 1119,00 1119,00
Thursday 29-04-2021 819,00  1228,50 819,00 949,00 1119,00 1119,00


MS MAGNIFIQUE IV Twin Lower Deck Suite upper Deck
Price per person €  Euro Euro
Monday 29-03-2021 729,00  1119,00
Friday 02-04-2021  819,00  1119,00
Tuesday 06-04-2021   819,00  1119,00
Sunday 11-04-2021   819,00  1119,00
Friday 23-04-2021 819,00 1119,00


Princesse Royal Twin Lower Deck Single Lower Deck Twin or Triple Lower Deck
Premium twin cabin Premium triple cabin
Price per person €  Euro  Euro  Euro Euro Euro
Wednesday 31-03-2021 729,00  949,00 729,00 859,00  859,00
Sunday 04-04-2021   819,00  1069,00  819,00 949,00 949,00
Thursday 08-04-2021   819,00  1069,00  819,00  949,00  949,00
Monday 12-04-2021   819,00  1069,00  819,00  949,00  949,00
Friday 16-04-2021 819,00 1069,00 819,00 949,00 949,00
Tuesday 20-04-2021 819,00 1069,00 819,00 949,00 949,00
Saturday 24-04-2021 819,00 1069,00 819,00 949,00 949,00
Wednesday 28-04-2021 819,00 1069,00 819,00 949,00 949,00
Sunday 02-05-2021 819,00 1069,00 819,00 949,00 949,00

MS Fluvius
The Fluvius has been a popular choice for guests for a number of years now on the cycling cruises between Amsterdam and Bruges. The former cargo barge was totally rebuilt and extended in 2003 into a luxury river cruise barge. In winter 2017-2018, four additional upper deck double cabins were realized. The Fluvius sails under Dutch flag and management. The Fluvius now caters for max. 44 passengers.

Description of the cabins:
The Fluvius has eighteen twin cabins and four double cabins. On the upper deck, there are three standard twin cabins (11 m² – 118 sq.ft. ) with two separate single beds and four double cabins (12 m² – 129 sq.ft. ) with a double bed (140 x 200 cm) and a large panoramic window. On the lower deck you will find fourteen standard twin cabins (11 m² – 118 sq.ft.) and one smaller twin cabin (10 m² – 108 sq.ft.), all of which have two separate single beds. On prior request, a child’s cot can be placed in two of the standard twin cabins

Each cabin has an en-suite bathroom with shower, toilet and basin. All twin cabins have a fixed window, the panoramic window in the double cabins can be opened. Each cabin has an individually adjustable air-conditioning unit, a ventilation system, a flatscreen TV and a hair dryer.

Description of the ship:
The Fluvius has a large lounge (air-conditioned) with TV, bar and a semi-separate restaurant area. Wi-Fi is available. The barge also has a large sun deck with sitting places (tables and chairs) and a storage room for the bikes. While cruising, you can enjoy the scenery from here.

Lena Maria
The Lena Maria started her second life as a passenger barge in 2006. This ship was built by Hans de Lange who had previously built and operated similar vessels. The Lena Maria is a very comfortable ship, ideal for bike and barge tours in the Netherlands and very popular on the Hanseatic tour.

Description of the cabins:
The Lena Maria has twelve spacious twin cabins (10,5 m² – 113 sq.ft.) with two separate beds. Each cabin has a private shower, toilet and basin. Windows can be opened and the cabins have ventilation and central heating. Furthermore, you will find a hair dryer in each cabin.

Description of the ship:
On the upper deck of the Lena Maria you will find the cozy lounge with the bar and dining area. Wi-Fi is available. The barge also has a beautiful sundeck, where you can have a drink. On nice evenings, or while cruising, you can enjoy the scenery from here.

Princesse Royal
The hull of the Princesse Royal was originally constructed as a seagoing sailing vessel: this explains the unique shape of the ship. But the vessel was then converted to become a passenger barge for inland waterways. The premium barge was fully restyled and refurbished in 2010 and, during the winter of 2012/2013, extended by 14 meters. Roy van der Veen, owner and skipper of this fine barge, sets high standards to atmosphere, personal service and comfort, with the aim to offer his guests an unforgettable stay on board, in line with the “premium” classification. The Princesse Royal sails under Dutch flag and management and is a very popular ship on several tours in various parts of The Netherlands and Belgium.

Description of the cabins:
The Princesse Royal has sixteen cabins, situated on the lower deck. Guests are accommodated in eleven twin cabins (11 m² – 118.5 sq.ft.) with two single beds set next to each other, four premium twin cabins (14 m² – 151 sq.ft.) with two single beds next to each other and a small sitting area and one single cabin (7 m² – 75.5 sq.ft.). On prior request, the beds in most twin cabins can be set together as a double bed. On request, an additional bed is available in some twin cabins for children up to age 16 (as fold away bunk bed, above one of the other beds). Each cabin has an en-suite bathroom with shower, toilet and wash basin. All cabins have an individually regulated air conditioning, ventilation system and central heating; the portholes in all cabins are fixed for safety reasons. Furthermore, each cabin has a flat screen (satellite) TV, a mini safe and a hair dryer.

Description of the ship:
On the upper deck, the Princesse Royal has a tastefully furnished lounge with air conditioning, restaurant, a beautiful bar, a sitting area with cozy corners, a wide screen TV and large windows. Wi-Fi is available. Furthermore, the Princesse Royal offers two partly covered teak wooden sundecks with chairs and tables where you can have a drink when the weather is nice and enjoy the scenery while cruising. On the elevated aft deck you will find a barbecue and a whirlpool/Jacuzzi to relax.

MS Magnifique II
The premium ship Magnifique II was constructed in 2015/2016. By constructing the Magnifique II, the owner was the first one to introduce “upper deck suites” for smaller passenger barges. The Magnifique II has set new standards for comfort for bike and barge tours. The vessel sails under Dutch flag and management and is a very popular ship on several tours in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Description of the cabins:
The upper deck has four spacious suites (14 m² – 151 sq.ft.) with two separate single beds, a small sitting area and large panoramic windows, of which the middle part can be opened. The lower deck has thirteen cabins: one premium twin cabin (13 m² – 140 sq.ft.) with two separate single beds and a small sitting area and twelve beautiful twin cabins (11 m² – 118 sq.ft.) with 2 separate single beds. In most cabins, on prior request, the beds can be set together as a double bed. On request, an extra bed is available in two twin cabins and one upper deck suite (above one of the other beds).

All cabins have en-suite facilities with a shower, toilet and sink. The cabins on the lower deck have portholes (fixed for safety reasons), upper deck suites have 2 m / 6.6 ft. wide windows (which can be partly opened) and the air conditioning in all cabins can be individually regulated. Furthermore, in each cabin you will find a flat screen satellite TV, a mini safe and a hair dryer.

Description of the ship:
The upper deck has a large, tastefully furnished and spacious salon with a restaurant area, a beautiful bar and a lounge area  with cozy sitting area, a wide screen TV and large panoramic windows. Wi-Fi is available. The Magnifique II has a beautiful, partly covered teak wooden sun deck with chairs and tables on the aft deck and a cycle storage on the front deck. On the top deck, the barge has a whirlpool/Jacuzzi and some deckchairs to relax while you enjoy the scenery when cruising.

MS Magnifique IV
Following the overwhelming success of our premium barges Magnifique, Magnifique II (2016), and Magnifique III (2018), we are proud to announce the construction of a new sister for the family: the Magnifique IV. This new addition will sail for Boat Bike Tours and Cultural Cruises Europe as of spring 2020.

Sailing under the Dutch flag:
Master shipbuilder Walter van Berkum is one of the most experienced operators of our fleet, having already converted several former cargo ships into luxury passenger barges. As the proud owner of the Magnifique IV, he is dedicated to ensuring this beautiful ship meets the highest standards of quality and comfort for our bike and barge tours.

The Magnifique IV will sail under the Dutch flag and host several tours in the Netherlands and Belgium. Accommodating no more than 36 passengers plus crew, the vessel is designed to create a welcoming atmosphere and personal experience for everyone on board.

An impression of our newest ship:
The Magnifique IV’s upper deck features a spacious and tastefully-decorated salon with air conditioning, a bar and lounge area. Here you will find large panoramic windows, a widescreen TV, and information screens displaying the barge’s real-time location. Wi-Fi is also available.

The comfortable and inviting restaurant is separated from the kitchen by a glass wall, so you can see our talented chefs in action. Large glass doors open onto a beautiful partially-covered teak sundeck, furnished with tables and chairs.
The front deck has space to accommodate bicycles, while the top deck boasts a hot tub and deckchairs, from which you can enjoy the scenery.

A variety of comfortable cabins:
In addition to the bar and lounge area, the upper deck houses 10 generous suites, while the lower deck houses eight twin cabins and the dining room. The spacious suites, each measuring 16 m² (172 ft²), have two separate beds, set next to each other as a hotel style bed (200 x 160 cm – 78 x 62 inches), a cozy sitting area, and a large sliding window.
The twin cabins below deck, measuring 12 m² (129 ft²) feature two single beds and fixed portholes. All cabins have their own private bathroom with shower, basin and toilet; as well as individually-regulated air-conditioning, flat screen satellite TV, mini safe and hair dryer.

Practical info

Vegetarian meals are possible at no surcharge. Other diets (like gluten free or for lactose intolerance) are possible at a fee. All diets and vegetarian meals must be booked and confirmed well in advance (only vegan meals are not possible).

On request, an additional bed is available in some twin cabins for children up to age 16 (as fold away bunk bed, above one of the other beds).


  • 5 days/4 nights
  • 4 x breakfast
  • Packed lunches
  • 4 x 3-course dinner
  • Coffee and tea on board during breakfast and after the bicycle tours
  • Welcome drink
  • Use of bed linen and towels
  • Daily cleaning of the cabin
  • Climate-controlled cabin
  • Daily briefings
  • Fully guided cycling tours (2 tour leaders, 2 groups)
  • Some short walking tours
  • Entrance fees and excursions (Entrance Keukenhof, North-Holland Dune reserve and Visit mill at Zaanse Schans only on the Magnifique II, Magnifique IV and Princesse Royal)
  • Fees for ferries
  • Maps and notes for cycling tours (1 set per cabin)
  • GPS tracks
  • Use of a waterproof pannier bag

Not Included: 

  • Drinks
  • Bicycle rental or E-bike rental
  • Personal insurances
  • Gratuities (at your discretion)
  • Entrance fees and excursions (nothing included on the Fluvius & Lena Maria)
  • Transfers to/from the docking place
  • Parking fees

Fluvius & Lena Maria:
Rental bicycle: €60 per period 
Rental E-Bike: €110 per period  
Helmet: €10,- per period 
Limited number of e-bikes available, early bookings strongly recommended. 

Magnifique II, Magnifique IV and Princesse Royal:
Rental bicycle: €65 per period (by bicycle rental a helmet and water bottle incl)
Rental E-Bike: €130 per period (by bicycle rental a helmet and water bottle incl)
Limited number of e-bikes available, early bookings strongly recommended. 

It's possible to purchase an optional limitation of liability for damage and loss of your rented bicycle or e-bike:
Limitation of liability (damage) rental bicycle € 10/tour
Limitation of liability (damage) rental e-bike € 25/tour

This package includes:

  • In case of theft of a properly locked bicycle, you are not liable for the loss/cost of the stolen bicycle, as long as you can present the original key of the lock as proof;
  • In case of a breakdown, technical failure or flat tire during your tour – but only after you have called and spoken to your tour leader – you can arrange the repair at a local bicycle shop (fietsenmaker). After presenting the receipt, repair costs will be reimbursed;
  • In case of damage, no cost for repair will be charged, except when this is a result of your own deliberate or neglectful acting;
  • When – as a result of a breakdown, technical failure or damage during your cycling tour – you cannot continue your cycling tour with this bicycle, and after you have spoken with your tour leader, you can safely store and lock the bicycle and travel to your ship by public transportation (if not available: by taxi). After arrival on board travel costs will be reimbursed;
  • If necessary and applicable, you can use another bicycle/e-bike for the remaining days of the tour at no extra costs.

**: These arrangements solely apply to and are valid for bicycles and E-bikes that have been rented from Boat Bike Tours. For tours, for which Boat Bike Tours is not the organizing tour operator (but the intermediary), and another partner company is the organizing tour operator, other arrangements may apply.

Please note: For safety reasons, it is not allowed to use the rental (e-) bikes for self-arranged rides in Amsterdam: in these cases, the limitation of liability does not apply.

Almost all of the rental bicycles are traditional touring bicycles (women’s models) with 7 or 8 gears, hand brakes (some with pedal brake) and pannier bags.  E-bikes feature a small electric engine and battery that assist and ease your pedaling, but they do not feature autonomous propulsion. It is like having a tailwind, so it is easier, but you still have to pedal.
Please note: all bicycles have normal pedals, no click pedals. So please wear ordinary sporting shoes. Changing pedals is not possible.

Prices for other rental bicycles, like children’s bikes, tandems, trailer bikes (slip streamers), children’s seats, and bike trailers are available on request. Guests are also allowed to bring their own bicycles or E-bikes, please let us know so we can reserve a space on board for you.
Parking own bicycle: € 7 per week (only a limited number of parking places available)
Parking + charge station own E-Bike: € 17 per week (only a limited number of parking places available)
However, the crew or tour operator is in no way responsible for any damage, loss or theft of such bicycles.

Parking in Amsterdam (valet parking): prices and pre-booking on request.
Embarking on a boat bike tour means leaving your worries behind. If you’re arriving for one of our tours by car then you can start your carefree experience immediately thanks to the CentralParking valet service.

With this parking service, you can drive directly to your ship’s departure dock. Arrange a drop-off time in advance and a CentralParking valet driver will be waiting to help you with your luggage. Your valet will then drive your car to a secure garage where it will be parked under 24/7 camera surveillance.

Set a pick-up time with CentralParking for your return and your car will be ready and waiting for you when the ship arrives, so you can set out on the road immediately.



...Overall it was a wonderful experience, hotels good and luggage transfer excellent...

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