Dutch Biketours
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FIND your
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Cycling days

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NL06010 Along the Meuse from Maastricht to Sedan
  • A bicycle route along the meandering River Meuse
  • Sedan which boasts Europe’s largest castle
  • Castles, forts and pretty villages
  • Surrounded by breath-taking natural beauty

8-08 Amsterdam – Bruges
  • A wonderful cycling holiday through the Netherlands down into Belgium
  • Past towns, villages, canals – on high-quality cycling paths
  • Discover many delightful places you otherwise wouldn’t have see
  • Starting in Amsterdam and cycle in a southwesterly direction to Bruges

8-08B Amsterdam – Bruges

8-16 Amsterdam - Brussels
  • This bicycle holiday starts in the heart of the Dutch capital
  • And finishes in the epicenter of Europe, Brussels
  • It’s a one-way route, past a string of exceptional Dutch and Flemish towns
  • Enjoy the peace and quiet of the Dutch and Flemish countryside

8-23 Amsterdam – Maastricht
  • A one-way route from Amsterdam to Maastricht
  • Rivers will guide you on your steady south-easterly course
  • River Vecht, the Rhine, Waal and finally the River Meuse
  • Visit the village of Nuenen where Vincent van Gogh spent two years

12-01 Amsterdam - Paris
  • A dream trip!
  • Cycling from the Amsterdam canals to the Eiffel Tower in Paris
  • Two phenomenal world cities, full of history
  • Spectacular museums and world famous buildings
  • Water-rich Netherlands, medieval cities, a varied landscape!



8-80 Amsterdam-Bruges Boat tour
  • A perfect combinatoin of Bike and Barge
  • Variety of flat landscapes, charming villages and historic cities
  • Visit world famous cities: Amsterdam, Utrecht, Antwerp, Ghent and Bruges
  • A cheese farm, 19 windmills in Kinderdijk and western Flanders



8-18 Family budget: Beach, dunes and cities
  • This is one of those all-encompassing holidays
  • This tour will deliver excitement and relaxation at the same time
  • Dunes, beach, historical town centres, calming countryside and windmills
  • Highlights include Amsterdam, Haarlem and Space Expo
  • We have planned your accommodation in pleasant Stayokay hostels

8-86 Bike and Boat IJsselmeer
  • Sail & Bike along the coast of Lake IJssel
  • Once a salty sea, now the largest sweetwater lake in all of Holland
  • Cycling can be done on your own or by joining a tour leader
  • Historic harbour towns, green polder scenery and former islands

8-83 Bike Boat Northern Tour
  • A fascinating cycling cruise on board the ship De Holland
  • You will discover the best of the Provinces of North-Holland and Friesland
  • The North Sea coast, towering sand dunes, long sandy beaches
  • Historic windmills, the island of Texel and many picturesque harbor towns
  • Cycling along the coast of Lake IJssel

8-81 Guided Bike and Boat IJsselmeer - 8 days
  • Sail & Bike along the coast of the Ijsselmeer
  • Once a salty sea, now the largest sweetwater lake
  • Discover this unique part of the Netherlands
  • A magnificent and comfortably furnished sailing ship
  • Cycling can be done on your own or by joining a tour leader

8-09 Bruges - Amsterdam
  • A wonderful cycling holiday that kicks off in Belgium
  • It leads up through the Netherlands via Zeeland to Amsterdam
  • Include historical architecture, pastoral countryside and water vistas
  • Discover many delightful places you otherwise wouldn’t have seen
  • The route is rural and passes through a number of nature reserves


5-06 Cycling from Amsterdam
  • Based at a cyclist-friendly hotel in Amsterdam
  • We have devised four routes to choose from
  • Fishing village of Volendam and cheese town Edam
  • The world-famous windmills at Zaanse Schans
  • Muiderslot Castle or the elegant city of Haarlem

8-15 Cycling with Children: Back in Time
  • This cycling tour is ideal for families
  • Distances are pleasant and do-able for children
  • The sights you will encounter along the way are interesting for all ages
  • Also suitable for adults who aren’t traveling with children
  • If you like to have more time for sightseeing and less time in the saddle

6-21 The Golden Age Tour
  • Go back in time to the 17th century, the Golden age
  • Discover the cities that have grown in this time
  • Leiden, Delft, The Hague and Rotterdam
  • Taste the delicious cheeses and the delicious stroopwafels in Gouda
  • Cycle through a lot of nature and overnight in beautiful cities

NL06000 Three Countries Tour between Meuse and Rhine
  • Experience an unforgettable cycling holiday in the Green Heart
  • Follow a sophisticated route on cycle paths and quiet roads
  • Paddle through Dutch and Belgian Limburg
  • Wander through both the hills of the High Fens and those of the Eifel
  • Visit Maastricht and Monschau and enjoy the bike path along the Rur



6-03 Dunes and Deltaworks
  • The holiday feeling will come upon you once you access Zeeland
  • That salty air and the far horizons give you a feeling of peace and space
  • A highlight of this tour is the Delta Works exhibition
  • Visit the lovely town of Zierikzee

8-02 Dunes and Canals Tour
  • Woods, lakes, polders, meadows, dunes, beaches, canals and rivers
  • Learn all about Zuiderzee Works, whereby sea was transformed into lake
  • Discover Holland’s Golden Age, the historical buildings of trading towns
  • Spend a day on the coast, and another in Amsterdam

6-10 Duinhotel Burgh Haamstede
  • If what you are looking for is peace, then look no further
  • Duinhotel is in a blissfully peaceful location: in the dunes
  • Zeeland province is a promise of wind, water, sunshine and solitude
  • A stupendous beach and windswept dunes dominate the western point 
  • A real treasure is the historical town called Zierikzee



7-08 Island Hopping Waddenzee
  • First the happy harbour town of Harlingen on the mainland
  • You enter into the magical realm of the Wadden Islands
  • Explore the lovely island Vlieland and Terschelling
  • The North Sea to the north and Wadden Sea to the south
  • Pristine nature reserves that cry out for long walks or bike rides

6-16 Cycling with Children: Kings and Beaches
  • Suitable for families with children of all ages
  • Your own pace along low-traffic routes
  • Adventure, variety, and heaps of fun
  • Cycle through green polders, along the coast and enjoy the beach
  • Child bikes, child seats, child trailers and even add-on bikes for rent

4-03 Cycling from Amsterdam
  • Four-day holiday based at a cyclist-friendly hotel in Amsterdam
  • Four routes for you to choose from
  • Visit the city of Haalem, see fishing village volendam
  • The mills at the Zaanse Schans or Muiderslot Castle
  • The surroundings of this city are at your feet

4-05 Cycling from Rotterdam
  • Stay in the largest port city in Europe
  • Overnight stays in the well-known 'Jugendstil' Hotel New York
  • This hotel is also known as 'The Grand Old Lady'
  • Special bike rides through and around fascinating Rotterdam
  • Visit for example Dordrecht, Delft or Gouda

5-07 Cycling from Rotterdam
  • This port city is lively and exciting with a modern skyline
  • In contrast, the peaceful towns and villages in the surrounding
  • On your bike, roll through countryside that is tranquil and soothing
  • The sheer scale of the ships, cranes
  • State-of-the-art container terminals is mind boggling

6-27 Cycling from Rotterdam
  • Rotterdam is a great base for a bike holiday
  • The port city is lively and exciting with a modern skyline
  • On your bike, roll through countryside that is tranquil and soothing
  • The choice in on you, we have made 4 routes
  • Visit Delft, Gouda, Dordrecht or Hoek van Holland

6-30 Cycling from Utrecht
  • The round tours takes you into areas of natural beauty
  • Past many forts, castles and interesting historical fortified towns
  • The landscapes are varied, and several rivers and lakes adorn your route
  • Utrechtse Heuvelrug National Park
  • Your are based is a four-star Mitland Hotel on the outskirts of Utrecht city



NL06030 Four Countries Vennbahn Railtrail
  • "Vennbahn" is a railway converted into bicycle paths in Europe
  • One of the longest and most beautiful bike paths
  • Visit four countries, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg
  • Hilly landscape, through the Ardennes and Eifel
  • It is seen as a milestone in the history of cross-border tourism

8-13 Frisian Eleven Cities Tour
  • In the beautiful high north you will discover a purely Dutch landscape
  • These 11 cities are the beating heart of an unique piece of Dutch tradition
  • Get to know Friesland at the best
  • The towns each have their own charm and historical importance

6-04 Frisian Towns and Lakes
  • Discover attractive towns and villages, with a rich historical past
  • Varied scenery of woods, dunes, marshes, crop fields and pastures
  • A lot of grazing piebald, Frisian cattle and proud black Frisian horses
  • Possibility to extend the tour with a visit to Terschelling or Vlieland



5-00 The Green Heart Tour
  • The Green Heart is surrounded by the 4 biggest cities
  • Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht
  • Low-lying peat meadows, vast polders,lakes, streams and rivers
  • Pretty villages with monumental farmhouses
  • Including Amsterdam and cheesetown Gouda

8-00 The Great Rivers Tour
  • Cycle along the most navigated rivers and waterways in Europe
  • Surrounded by windmills, cows and nature
  • Tranquil green dikes, ancient farms, windmills, rivers, lakes and ponds
  • Seaside resorts of Scheveningen, Kijkduin and Hoek van Holland
  • Schiedam with its windmills and gin distilleries

14-00 The Big Cities Tour
  • Panoramic polder landscapes with windmills, dikes, meadows, farmhouses
  • Lakes and rivers; dunes, woods and nature reserves will relax you
  • Along winding dikes
  • Through and along beautiful, old fishing and trading towns
  • Wide variety of attractive landscapes

Deventer 5-09 Hanseatic towns along the IJssel
  • A unique mix of nature and history
  • Woodlands and meadows, Veluwezoom National Park
  • Vast landscapes of the IJssel valley and historic Hanseatic cities
  • Optional is Giethoorn, also known as "the Venice of the Netherlands"
  • Visit the IJssel towns: Zutphen, Deventer and Zwolle

6-25 Green Heartlands of Holland
  • The Green Heart is a rural area 
  • Low-lying peat meadows with grazing cattle
  • Vast polders under beautiful skies; lakes, streams and rivers
  • Pretty villages with monumental farmhouses
  • You will sleep in attractive historical towns, including "cheese town” Gouda

6-28 Heather and Rivers Tour
  • Rolling heather fields, deep forest and panoramic views
  • Wide-open riverscapes of the rivers Rhine, IJssel and Eem
  • Two National Parks: Utrechtse Heuvelrug and Veluwezoom
  • Many different species of fauna and flora
  • Castles provide diversion for history lovers and traditional Dutch windmills



6-26 Holland above Amsterdam
  • It fits the nostalgic image that foreigners have of Holland
  • It’s a postcard landscape of canals, wooden bridges, dikes and windmills
  • The geometrically ordered polder countryside is pleasant to the eye
  • It is flat and uncluttered so often you can see all the way to the horizon



6-11 Holland’s Highlights Tour
  • Wooden clogs, canals, bicycles, pancakes, polders and traditional costume
  • They’ll all come alive in front of you on this specially designed tour
  • The tour starts and finishes in Amsterdam 
  • Short cycle distances short to give you more time for the tourist attractions

8-05 Holland's Old Towns Tour
  • The beautiful old Dutch cities
  • Amsterdam, Utrecht, Gouda, The Hague, Delft, Schiedam and Rotterdam
  • The route takes you through the best these Dutch Old Towns have to offer
  • Kinderdijk with its world famous windmills

5-11 Waterscapes of Holland
  • Lots of fine art museums
  • Mauritshuis, Panorama Mesdag, Prinsenhof Delft, Museum De Lakenhal
  • A bike ride down the coast, along a river and have a break at the lakeside
  • Fresh air in open countryside and towns full of Old Dutch character
  • Cheese market in Gouda

7-23 New Dutch Water Line Tour
  • A unique military landscape is sure to keep you on your toes
  • The New Dutch Water defence Line was an ingenious defensive system
  • Made with dikes, sluices, canals, low forts and bunkers
  • Scanning the green surroundings for signs of a military structure
  • There are 46 forts and five fortified towns

7-23B New Dutch Water Line Tour

Wijk bij Duurstede 4-00 Dutch Water Line Route
  • If you are interested in military heritage, this could be the tour for you
  • A former Defensive Line through tranquil countryside
  • Across forts, fortified towns, sluices, rivers and areas of natural beauty
  • Lovely towns of Culemborg, Leerdam, Gorinchem and Vianen

7-00 Lake IJssel and V.O.C.Tour
  • Experience everything why the Netherlands is known of
  • Beautiful beaches, historic towns and villages with special museums
  • Fishing villages, cheese markets, culture and traditions
  • There are plenty of water landscapes, meadows and forests

10-00 IJsselmeer Grand Tour
  • Historical landscape
  • Along winding dikes
  • Through and along beautiful, old fishing and trading towns
  • Wide variety of attractive landscapes
  • Includes an overnight stay in Amsterdam

NL26020A IJsselmeer sportiv tour
  • You will cycle along the shores of Lake IJssel
  • Do you like a sportive challange of 70+ km's a day?
  • You’ll pass a variety of interesting towns and monuments
  • Explore the friendly atmosphere of the fishing ports
  • Historical trading towns and small rural villages

8-04 Lake IJssel Tour - classic
  • The most famous and most popular bicycle route in the Netherlands
  • By ferry from Enkhuizen to Stavoren
  • The most beautiful and quiet roads and cycle paths
  • Winding dikes and through beautiful, old fishing and trading towns



9-01 Cheese and Coasts Tour
  • Wooded areas, along the waterfront, through polder landscapes
  • Visit beautiful old towns such as Harderwijk, Enkhuizen and Hoorn
  • Famous cheese cities of Alkmaar and Gouda
  • North Sea seaside resort of Zandvoort and Scheveningen
  • Dunes and nature reserves

7-05 Top of North Holland Tour
  • Discover all the delights of this region
  • Surrounded on three sides by North Sea, Wadden Sea and Lake IJssel
  • Texel, a Wadden Island, is just a short boat trip away
  • Beautiful sandy beaches, windmills, historical towns and nature reserves

NL05000 Giethoorn and Surroundings
  • Cycling through area with lots of water
  • National Park Weerribben Wieden
  • Attractions such as Giethoorn "Venice of the north", Zwartsluis and Blokzijl
  • Historic Hanseatic cities such as Kampen, Hasselt and Zwolle.

6-01 Mills and Meadows Tour
  • Enjoy the peace and quiet on this cycle tour
  • Explore cheese city Gouda
  • Dazzling lakes with with reedy fringes
  • The world famous windmills at Kinderdijk 
  • Numerous interesting historical towns await you

4-04 Cycling Holiday Based at Muiderberg
  • You spend the night in an oasis of peace
  • Located between the Gooi and the Vecht region
  • In the vicinity you will find Naarden Vesting, the Muiderslot Castle
  • Closeby you'll have the Naardermeer
  • Different routes, so you can choose yourself

9-04 New + Old Dutch Waterline
  • Fortresses, castles, trenches, fortified towns, rivers and beautiful nature
  • A unique military landscape: the New Dutch Waterline
  • An ingenious defense system of dikes
  • Made with locks, canals, forts and bunkers 

9-04B New + Old Dutch Waterline

8-03 North Holland Tour
  • This is the land of tulips, cheese and mills
  • Large parts of the province are on the UNESCO World Heritage List
  • You will experience the history of this beautiful part of the Netherlands
  • Beach, coast, polders and Lake IJssel

6-00 Northern Lake IJssel Tour
  • Ride your bike on the loveliest and quietest roads and bike tracks
  • A historical landscape around the former Zuiderzee
  • The diverse and attractive scenery on this tour will surprise
  • Cross the Flevo Polder, the newest part of the Netherlands

6-29 Discover North Holland
  • A picture-postcard landscape of canals, wooden bridges and windmills
  • Charming historical towns with busy marinas, art and cultural museums
  • A sea of colour when the flowers are in bloom
  • Typical Dutch landscapes

7-12 Gems of the East
  • Our favourite towns of the East: Zutphen, Nijmegen and Doesburg
  • Attractive old town centres
  • Leafy country estates, grand mansions, rivers, farmland, woods
  • Beautiful rural regions such as Rijk van Nijmegen and Montferland 

7-06 Pearls of Holland
  • Amsterdam, Haarlem, Leiden, Delft and Gouda:our all-time favourite cities
  • Typical Old Holland character - This is an ultimate cultural bike holiday
  • Discover how rural and quiet the countryside can be
  • Polders, windmills, lakes and rivers take the spotlights
  • This route stands for 7 days enjoying cultural gems and idyllic countryside

12-02 Paris - Amsterdam
  • Cycling from the Eiffel Tower in Paris to the canals in Amsterdam
  • These 2 world cities are the start and end point of your journey
  • Cycle through 3 different countries
  • The bike ride takes you through varied landscape
  • Visit beautiful cities such as Ghent, Antwerp and Gouda

7-03 Stagecoach Tour
  • This Route runs through attractive and diverse landscapes
  • The Posbank, for example, is part of National Park Veluwezoom
  • It’s an area of heath, pine trees and sand drifts
  • Visit a riverbank nature reserve as well as a string of pretty towns

8-82 Bike Boat Across the Green Heart
  • On board of the charming barge Lena Maria
  • Discover the ‘Green Heart’ of Holland by bike
  • A region steeped in history, natural attractions
  • World famous cities and beautiful scenery
  • Historical cities as Amsterdam, Haarlem, Rotterdam, Leiden and Gouda

8-84 Bike and Boat Southern Tour
  • Uncover another side of Holland as you cycle through the countryside
  • See a landscape of water, meadows, grazing cows
  • Windmills and picturesque farms
  • The world famous city of Amsterdam
  • Cheese city of Gouda, the windmills at Kinderdijk

5-80 Tulip Mini-Cruise
  • Cycling and cruising to some unforgettably beautiful areas
  • See where Dutch tulips are grown before being shipped around the world
  • Memorable days on board a premium passenger barge
  • Enjoy the excellent service
  • Discover the Zaanse Schans open-air museum, including windmills

8-10 Cycling with childeren - Holland South
  • This action-packed bicycle holiday has been designed for families
  • Travel at your own pace and along specially selected low-traffic routes
  • Included a whole day at the seaside in this holiday
  • We have child bikes, child seats, child trailers and add-on bikes for hire

9-00 Randstad Holland Tour
  • The four largest cities: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht
  • In between there are also many small towns and villages
  • Numerous attractions and museums in the area
  • Sandy beaches as far as the eye can see
  • Taste the special atmosphere of the Dutch cities

6-31 Family budget: Knights and playgrounds
  • Perfect for families with children
  • From a wide-open river landscape to woodland
  • Heath, pastoral countryside, historical towns
  • Zoo, beach, mini golf, playgrounds, go-karting, climbing, canoeing 
  • Overnights in Hostels (familyrooms)

NL04000 Rhine Cycle Route – from Arnhem to Rotterdam
  • Cycle along the Rhine from Arnhem to Rotterdam
  • A varied route past historical places, beautiful fortified towns
  • Typical Dutch polder landscapes
  • Historical towns such as Oosterbeek, Wijk bij Duurstede
  • Visit also the cities Buren, Gorinchem and Dordrecht

7-09 Around Lake Markermeer
  • Just east of Amsterdam lies Lake Markermeer
  • The lake takes center stage in this fabulous cycling holiday
  • Charming historical towns and ever-changing land- and waterscapes
  • Fishing village Volendam where old ladies still wear traditional clothing

8-21 Secret Zeeland Tour
  • World famous Delta Works
  • Inland you will enjoy numerous lively towns
  • Charming villages where time seems to have stood still
  • Stunning white beaches, ever-changing seascapes, unspoilt countryside
  • A magical maritime sense of space, tranquillity and freedom



copyright VisitVeluwe 5-10 Royal Cycling through the Veluwe
  • The stillness of Veluwe forest, heath and quiet villages
  • One of the largest and most important nature reserves in the country
  • Royal palace and its lovely gardens
  • Historical “rides”, paths commissioned by successive kings

8-87 Holland: Frisian Sea
  • Feel the freedom, the wind and salt on your skin
  • Discovering the seas and new areas as a modern-day explorer
  • Aboard one of the most comfortable sailing ships
  • The overnights will be on the Leafde-Mare or Wapen fan Fryslân, 
  • Tidal channels, seagrass meadows, mussel beds, sandbanks and dunes

5-02 North Holland Peninsula Tour
  • The wettest and flattest part of Holland
  • Polders, meadows, ditches, dikes and canals
  • Including the capital of Holland, Amsterdam
  • Fishing village Volendam and cheese village Edam
  • Cycle along Lake IJssel

5-05 Cycling from Muiderberg
  • Find peace and tranquillity in this lovely area
  • Boasting lakes and the meandering River Vecht
  • You'll stay at one hotel, Hotel het Rechthuis
  • You can choose from 4 different bicycle route
  • Muiden Castle, Naarden Lake and surrounded by two areas of woodland

8-19 Family budget: A Right Royal Route!
  • Royal domains, royal palaces and royal estates are one of the themes
  • We will accommodate your family at Stayokay hostels
  • It’s a slightly hilly, wooded area known for its natural beauty a
  • Surrounding the beautiful forest on Utrechtse Heuvelrug
  • Peaceful countryside with cropfields and meadows


7-01B Beach and Towns Tour

7-01 Beach and Towns Tour
  • Endless sandy beaches between Zandvoort and Scheveningen
  • Take big breaths of sea air and let your cares fly away with the wind
  • Lovely historical towns and all sorts of tourist attractions
  • If you like art and culture, this could be a great tour for you
  • Enjoy the cities of Amsterdam, Utrecht and The Hague



8-17 Family budget: Beach, cities and castles
  • Stay the night in a castle or orangery
  • Amsterdam, Seaside and dunes, Windmills at Zaanse Schans
  • A holidays that deliver excitement and relaxation at the same time
  • We have child bikes, child seats, child trailers and add-on bikes for hire

BE107020 Abbeys & Beers: Cycling in Brabant (NL) and Flanders (B)
  • Experience the taste of Trappist beers
  • This route takes you past four Trappist abbeys in Holland and Belgium
  • Trappist abbeys are located in gorgeous pastoral countryside
  • Metropolis Antwerp is also included in this tour
  • Enjoy the Burgundian life in Breda and Tilburg

6-32 Spring Holiday: Tulips, National Park and Giethoorn
  • The highlights: Weerribben-Wieden National Park and the colourful tulip fields
  • For some cultural history we have included popular Giethoorn, the village with no roads
  • A large part of the route traverses the Noordoostpolder
  • 20,000-hectare bulb flower fields of the Noordoostpolder specialize in tulips

Cyclist red tulips 5-04 Tulip Tour
  • The Bulb Flower District, recommended from April to mid-May
  • World-famous Keukenhof park
  • Visit Amsterdam, Haarlem and Leiden
  • Green meadows and glistening lakes of the rural Green Heart region 

5-12 Tulip paradise in North Holland
  • Pretty and colourful tulip fields
  • Best period is travelling in April and mid-May
  • Discover the highest and widest coastal dunes
  • From wind-blown sand ridges to open dune grasslands
  • Enjoy deserted beaches and lovely sea views

9-03 Unesco Tour
  • 5 of the 9 world heritage sites in the Netherlands
  • From the canals in Amsterdam to cheese from the Beemster
  • Experience the unique history of the Netherlands in various facets
  • Cycle across our newest province, Flevoland
  • Discover the many IJsselmeer villages

7-07 From Europe's Biggest Harbour to the Countryside
  • Start this tour in the modern city of Rotterdam
  • Plunge into tranquil countryside
  • The far horizons give you a feeling of peace, space and freedom
  • You'll visit the old town of Dordrecht with its picturesque harbour quarter
  • Explore the province Zeeland



4-02 Cycling over the Veluwe
  • Cyclingtour based from one hotel
  • Westcord Hotel de Veluwe: comfort, culinary qualities and hospitality
  • Different routs, so you can choose
  • Visit the Hoge Veluwe National Park with the Kröller-Muller museum

6-06 Cycling over the Veluwe
  • Cycle through beautiful natural scenery
  • Westcord Hotel de Veluwe: comfort, culinary qualities and hospitality
  • Routes surprise you with a wealth of natural beauty and interesting sights
  • 4 Routes to choose from

6-02 Veluwe Forest Tour
  • "De Veluwe” is a long ridge of hills covered with forest
  • Heath and Europe’s largest sand drifts
  • Lots of fauna and flora
  • Follow the shores of Lake Veluwe, the River IJssel and finally the Rhine
  • National Park Veluwezoom

NL06040 Five Country Meuse – Vennbahn Combination Bicycle Holiday
  • Cycle through 5 different countries
  • Follow the Meuse to the village of Sedan
  • Over the Belgian high plains along Bouillon and Bastogne to Luxembourg
  • Take the beautiful 'Vennbahn' route
  • This route visits Monschau, Germany

6-12 Villa Ruimzicht Doetinchem
  • Ideal combination of sporting activity, nature and pure relaxation
  • Stay overnight in the luxury Villa Ruimzicht hotel
  • Doetinchem is an ideal base for many cycling opportunities
  • You cycle through beautiful spots of the county in the back corner
  • Four routes are made for you



11-00 Sand and Sea Tour
  • By bicycle along (and "across") the IJsselmeer and the North Sea
  • Many interesting towns and cities
  • Large dune area, forests, seaside resorts, bulb fields
  • Museums and cultural treasures, but also terraces and shopping streets
  • Discover cities such as Rotterdam, Delft, Utrecht

7-04 Southern Lake IJssel Tour
  • Old Dutch villages: Monnickendam, Edam, Volendam, Hoorn, Enkhuizen
  • Cycling through the "new land", Flevoland, beautiful green
  • Agricultural but also wooded
  • Experience the dike (34 km) between Lake IJssel and the Markermeer

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