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FIND your
perfect trip!
Cycling days

Randstad Holland Tour


...I just want to give you an intermediate notice from my tour until now. I enjoy my cycling-tour very much. Thank you so much that you left a nagivation-system for me even I have not ordered it. At first I was a bit suspecious if I would be able to work with it because I never used a navigation-system before. But after a short time I began to love it. This system is so helpful. It leads me safe and direct to all the nice places which you have programmed for me. I also want to thank you that you have choosen so nice hotels. The boulevard hotel in Scheveningen is very familiar. I loved it there very much. Today I am in the inntel hotel in Rotterdam . It has a swimming pool. Very nice...

Amsterdam - Bruges


...Thank you for a wonderful trip.  All of the hotels met our expectations.  The bikes all fit and worked out well.  Your handbook of materials was complete and superb...

Frisian Towns and Lakes Tour


... I would have loved to have stayed and cycled longer in Holland. I enjoyed your country, your people and your clever grid system for the cycle routes!!  I thought the choice of hotels was excellent too. I know "one person accommodation" can be difficult, but each hotel was an adventure in itself. The food offered by the hotels was good and reasonably priced, and I was made very welcome....

Beach and Towns Tour


...The hotels were really nice. In fact, we enjoyed our stay in Scheveningen so much that we went back again before heading home! the adjustable handlebars. That was really good for the long days of biking. The panniers were excellent and huge, great for holding an entire backpack of stuff. I liked the real brakes, not back-brakes. 
One of the best days was the Zandvoort to Scheveningen day - the dunes were so cool! The other best day was from Gouda to Bunnik, that route was so beautiful and we had lovely weather...

Holland’s Highlights Tour


...We enjoyed our cycle tour very much, and were extremely impressed with the administrative detail, the transport of our luggage and how smoothly the trip went!  The hotels were all comfortable and we had some lovely food.  We were especially impressed with the Westcord Art hotel in Amsterdam, which was a very welcome haven, with everything we could want at the end of our trip as the last day was very windy and cold!...

Cycling with Childeren: Kings and Beaches


...We got home yesterday from our holiday and I wanted to let you know how brilliant it was. It was a really good mixture of different things to see and do, art galleries and theme parks, everyone was happy. The routes were beautiful and the right distance for our 10 year old daughter, leaving us enough energy and time to do other things. We are now big fans of cycling in Holland and we'll definitely be coming back!...

Cheese and Coasts Tour


Unsere Erwartungen wurden voll und ganz erfüllt. Alle Hotels waren gut bis sehr gut, ebenso das zusätzlich gebuchte Nachtessen. Ihre Unterlagen für die Tagesetappen sind ebenfalls hervorragend. Der Gepäcktransport hat einwandfrei funktioniert. Wenn sie sich noch verbessern möchten, dann haben wir folgenden Vorschlag: Geben sie für jedes Etappen-Ende einen Kartenausdruck ab, sodass der Weg vom letzten Knotenpunkt bis hin zum Hotel ersichtlich ist. (so wie sie das für den Etappen-Start auch machen) Vorallem in Amsterdam wäre das sicher hilfreich. Da hatten wir das einzige Mal Probleme und mussten das iPhone mit Karten-App zu Hilfe nehmen. Es hat uns wirklich sehr gut gefallen und wir können Dutch Biketours aus Ueberzeugung weiter empfehlen.

Bruges - Amsterdam


We had a superb trip with Dutch Bike Tours. The logistics, detailed route selection, bikes and scenery were first class. The services provided were perfect for our style of bike touring where we wanted a great route and luggage forwarding without the need to travel with a guide or in a group.

The Great Rivers Tour


We enjoyed the tour, especially the wildlife, the scenery and the cycling facilities. We do have off-road cycles routes in Britain, but these do not have the quality of those we met in Holland. Many of our own routes are unsurfaced so the Dutch use of tarmacadam almost everywhere is most welcome. Similarly, the separation of cyclists from motor traffic, and the priority given to cyclists (especially at junctions), are not found in Britain. I wish they were!
We were also very surprised (and pleased) by the attitude of Dutch motorists ... in England, so many drivers are impatient and do not recognise that cyclists are road users as much as they themselves are. We saw very few cyclists wearing helmets ... in England there is serious debate as to whether they should be made compulsory! As I have been knocked off my bike several times in England, once very seriously, I would not dream of riding without a helmet in this country.

Holland’s Highlights Tour


We were very pleased with our holiday. The bikes were good as was the accommodation.

Villa Ruimzicht Doetinchem


...ja es hat uns sehr gut gefallen. Die größte Steigung war die Brücke über die Autobahn. Hilfreich waren die Knoppunkte und die übergebenen Traks für die Touren. Wir werden eine weitere Tour in Holland planen. Bei den Traks wäre es hilfreich mit einen Icon für Kaffee (Kaffeetasse) und für Essen (Messer und Gabel) in unmittelbarer Nähe der Route. Wir waren aber auch ohne sehr zufrieden...

Lake IJssel and the North Sea Tour


...Ja, danke für die Nachfrage. Wir sind wieder gut zu Hause angekommen. Es war eine schöne Tour, leider nur etwas kurz,Weil in diesem Jahr  nicht mehr Zeit zur Verfügung stand? Die Hotels waren alle super. Das Gps und die punktekarte waren nicht immer synchron? Als Verbesserungsvorschlag würden wir empfehlen, die einkehrmöglichkeiten auf der Tour mit aufzunehmen. Dankeschön und bei der nächsten Hollandtour werden wir gern wieder bei euch nachfragen...


Island Hopping Waddenzee


Wij hebben een hele goede en fijne vacantie gehad alles was zeer goed verzorgd en alles was perfect geregeld wij zijn zeer tevreden.

Cycling with Childeren: Kings and Beaches


Es war alles bestens.

Amsterdam - Bruges

"Amsterdam - Brugge"

We successfully finished our ride yesterday after a wonderful six days.  We have many happy memories and are excited to share our stories and pictures with our friends back home in Canada

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